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Guangming Daily reporter Wang Dong Huang Xiaoyi

With the start of the World Cup and Intercontinental Cup in the 2021-2022 ice and snow season, the atmosphere of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics will become increasingly strong. This past weekend, the world’s top ice and snow athletes are all fighting for the Beijing Winter Olympics points, and Chinese ice and snow athletes are also sprinting in overseas stadiums, from freestyle skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, steel framed snowmobiles, etc. Good news came back from the stadium, and the history of many Chinese ice and snow sports was rewritten.

 On December 5th, the National Ski Jumping Center held an event to celebrate the International Volunteer Day for the “Meet in Beijing” 2021/2022 International Snow Federation Intercontinental Ski Jumping Cup volunteers.Photo by Zhang Yu/Guangming Picture

On December 5th, Beijing time, the 17-year-old Chinese teenager Su Yiming successfully completed 1800-degree turns twice in the FIS Snowboard World Cup in Steamboat World Cup, becoming the first person to score twice in the World Championships. A player who completed a 1800-degree turn in a (grab) way, in the end he was overwhelmingly on the top podium with a total score of 155.25 points. His victory was a milestone: the first international competition champion, the first Chinese men’s snowboarding slope obstacle technique/big jumping world champion, and it also laid the foundation for him to enter the Beijing Winter Olympics and achieve good results.

On the same day, good news came from the FIS Freestyle Ski Jump World Cup in Steamboat, USA. Chinese star Gu Ailing won the championship with a total score of 184.25 points.

The good news came from the FIS Freestyle Skiing Aerials World Cup Finland Luka Station. The Chinese team finished the event with three golds and three silvers.

The Finland Race is the first event of the Winter Olympics Aerials World Cup, and it is also the first international competition for the Chinese team to participate in a year. On the first match day, Kong Fanyu, the third runner-up of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, won the championship with 89.53 points in the second round of the final. Another Chinese player, Shao Qi, tied for runner-up with foreign players with 80.04 points.

In the next women’s competition, the Chinese players once again swept the championship and runner-up. Unlike the first qualifying round and the two-round finals, the second round of competition is more brutal, with one jump to determine the outcome. Xu Mengtao, who made mistakes in the first game, made no more mistakes and won the first championship of the new season with 99.49 points. Kong Fanyu ranked second with 95.52 points.

In the mixed team relay competition, the Chinese team sent Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu to play. Xu Mengtao, who made her debut for the first time, landed steadily and scored 88.21 points; Jia Zongyang showed a stable competitive state in the second jump and scored 127.88 points; now the world’s second-ranked Qi Guangpu scored 127.15 points in the third jump, and finally the Chinese team Won the championship with 343.24 points.

Freestyle skiing aerials is the dominant event of the Chinese team. For many consecutive Winter Olympics, Chinese players have stood on the podium. In recent years, the Chinese team has produced many talents in this project, and the overall strength is outstanding. Aerials mixed men’s and women’s team competition is a new event in the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese team is expected to hit the gold medal in this event.

Good news came from the Salt Lake City Station of the Speed ​​Skating World Cup in the United States: Due to the absence of the previous race, Gao Tingyu, the leader of my country’s men’s 500 meters, can only participate in the B competition. As a result, the 24-year-old Heilongjiang guy slid a good score of 33.965 seconds, surpassing the 34.048 of winning the championship, and finally gained 28 Olympic points with the first result of Group B, and is currently ranked 18th among all athletes.

my country’s Ning Zhongyan, who participated in the men’s 1500m race, achieved good results. He won the silver medal in the A group final with a time of 1:41.386.

The Chinese steel-framed snow team continues to compete in Europe. After winning the World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria last week, Chinese player Geng Wenqiang took part in the Attenberg World Cup in Germany this week. Although he failed to win a medal, he still maintained a good condition. It is gratifying to win the championship in advantageous projects, but it is even more precious to win the championship in non-advantageous projects or even unpopular projects. As the first Chinese on the steel-framed snowmobile Winter Olympics, Geng Wenqiang is almost a microcosm of China’s unpopular ice and snow projects from scratch to continuous breakthroughs-from the 2017 Snowmobile World Cup to the realization of Chinese players participating and finishing the race” Zero breakthrough”, the first Chinese appeared in the steel-framed snowmobile Winter Olympics in 2018, and people have witnessed the history of the Chinese Legion’s entrepreneurship in this project.

Almost at the same time, Chinese athletes made good news on another unpopular event. In the two Nordic Intercontinental Cup competitions in Russia, Zhao Jiawen was the first time for the Chinese delegation to qualify for the Nordic Winter Olympics, which also made history.

“Guangming Daily” (December 06, 2021 04 edition)

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