“Present-day Petrol Selling price” Most up-to-date 5 September. 65 Update petrol charges from 3 well-known pumps.

On September 5, 2022, reporters reported an update “oil price these days“The most recent of 3 petrol stationAs it includes Plc.Bangchak Petroleum, Enterprise PTT Public Oil and Retail Business Limited or OR and the Organization a shell of Thailand, confined by oil value right now Gasoline, Gasohol and Diesel as follows:

“Present day Petrol Rate” PTT (5 September 65 at 7:00 am)

  • Gasohol 95 cost 35.15 baht/litre
  • Tremendous Electricity Gasohol 95 selling price 40.64 baht/litre
  • Gasohol E20 Price tag 34.04 baht/litre
  • Gasohol E85 Value 31.84 baht/litre
  • Gasohol Cost 91 34.88 baht/litre
  • Gasoline 95 price tag 42.56 baht/litre
  • B7 Diesel Price tag 34.94 baht/litre
  • Premium diesel selling price 44.66 baht / liter
  • Quickly diesel B20, price 34.94 baht / liter
  • Diesel price 34.94 baht/litre

The oil selling price outlined previously mentioned is the final investing value on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 5.00 am

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“Today’s Petrol Price tag” Bangchak (5 September 65 at 7:00 am)

  • Gasohol 95 selling price 35.15 baht/litre
  • Gasohol E20 Value 34.04 baht/litre
  • Gasohol E85 Value 31.84 baht/litre
  • Gasohol Price 91 34.88 baht/litre
  • B7 Diesel Rate 34.94 baht/litre
  • Top quality diesel selling price 44.66 baht / liter
  • Speedy diesel B20, value 34.94 baht / liter
  • Diesel cost 34.94 baht/litre

The oil rate mentioned higher than is the previous investing price on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 5.00 am

“Present day oil cost” Shell (September 5, 65 at 7:00 am)

  • gasohol safe gas shell price tag E20 34.44 baht/litre
  • Shell fuel is harmless gasohol 91 price tag 35.28 baht/litre
  • Gasohol risk-free shell gas 95 selling price 35.55 baht/litre
  • Shell V-Electricity Gasohol 95 price tag 43.04 baht / liter
  • Shell B20 Diesel Value 34.94 baht/litre
  • Shell gasoline harmless diesel rate 34.94 baht/litre
  • Diesel B7 harmless shell gas price tag 34.94 baht/litre
  • Shell V-Energy Diesel Value 34.94 baht/litre
  • Shell V-Electric power B7 Diesel Value 45.66 baht / liter

In any case oil selling price This is the past buying and selling price on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 5.00 am

However, the previously mentioned oil charges are the normal costs not involved.local upkeep tax which could be diverse in each and every area


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