President 尹 visits Ottawa War Memorial… Paying tribute to veterans 6/25

A conversation with Governor Simon… “I regret why I didn’t travel to such a wonderful country sooner”

On the morning of the 23rd (local time), President Yoon Seok-yeol visited the War Memorial in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, with local Korean War veterans in attendance.

President Yoon and his wife, Kim Kun-hee, laid a wreath in silence for a minute in front of the war memorial.

Afterwards, they greeted and thanked all five veterans, and took a memorial photo together while looking around the war memorial.

Canada was the third country to send troops to the Korean War after the United States and Britain.

The event was also attended by Canadian Senator Yuna Martin, who is of Korean descent.

After visiting the War Memorial, President Yoon met and chatted with the Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon.

Canada is a Commonwealth country, and the Governor General is the official head of state, representing the King of England.

President Yoon told Governor Simon, “At first, it was a little difficult because of the tight schedule, but after I came to Toronto yesterday and today to Ottawa, I feel like I’m getting some rest,” by adding, “Canada is so lovely and beautiful.”

Then, to Governor Simon’s question, ‘Is this your first time in Canada?’, he said, “It’s unfortunate, but this is the first time.

“I hope to visit again and visit other parts of Canada,” said Governor Simon.

President Yoon and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held the second Korea-Canada summit since taking office this afternoon.

Earlier, President Yoon had a summit with Prime Minister Trudeau on the occasion of attending the NATO summit held in Madrid, Spain, at the end of June.

President 尹 visits Ottawa War Memorial... Paying tribute to veterans 6/25

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