President Biden’s Dogs Show Aggressive Behavior, Bite White House Officials: Latest Incident Sparks Concern

Dog Bites White House Staff: President Biden’s German Shepherd Sparks Concern

Last Monday, an unsettling incident unfolded at approximately 8:00 pm in the White House when Commander, President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, displayed aggression and bit a female Secret Service officer. The severity of the injury necessitated the immediate assistance of a medical team.

A spokesperson from the Secret Service later commented that the officers who fell victim to Commander’s sharp fangs appeared untroubled despite the distressing encounter. However, this marks the 11th occurrence where the President’s dog has demonstrated signs of aggression and bitten a White House official.

Commander’s Violent History and the Impact on White House Personnel

In the past four months alone, Commander has attacked and bitten ten White House employees, causing harm to some who required hospitalization. The victims were attended to by the adept White House medical team, who promptly administered first aid to alleviate their discomfort.

President Biden’s second dog, Major, has also exhibited aggressive behavior, having previously bitten a presidential security guard and officials from other departments within the White House.

In response to these concerning incidents, both Major and Commander have been relocated out of the White House to reside with President Biden’s close friends and family in Delaware, where it is hoped they will receive appropriate care and training to address their behavioral issues.

A Troublesome Stint in the White House

Commander, originally a birthday gift from President Biden’s younger brother, had been residing in the White House since December 2021. However, due to the recurring problems and instances of biting officers, he has now been removed from the premises.

The Biden family, aside from their canine companions, also has a cat named Willow.

Crisis Averted?

The frequent aggression displayed by Commander and Major raises concerns about the safety of White House staff and visitors. Efforts must now focus on rehabilitating and addressing the behavioral issues of these dogs to prevent any further incidents.


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At approximately 8:00 pm last Monday. President Biden’s German Shepherd named ‘commander’ shows aggression and biting of female Secret Service officer in White House. Until a medical team has to help take care of the wound

A Secret Service spokesman later said: The officers who suffered the Commander’s fangs showed no distress at all.

This incident marks the 11th time the Commander has shown signs of aggression and bit a White House official.

The ‘Commander’ and waiter at the White House

Within the last 4 months this dog has bitten 10 White House employees, including one. who were injured and had to be taken to hospital After the White House medical team first aid has been performed.

President Biden also has another dog, called ‘Major’, who has been exhibiting aggressive behaviour. and once bit the presidential security guard and officials in other departments in the White House as well

Later, the Major and the Commander were sent out of the White House. to President Biden’s friend’s family in Delaware. to take care of

Commander is President Biden’s younger brother’s dog. Sent as a birthday present. And he stayed in the White House from December 2021 until he was deported. because he often causes problems and bites officers

Besides dogs the Biden family also has another cat, called ‘Willow’.


Photo credit: AFP

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