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Thiruvananthapuram: The University of Kerala has rejected Governor Arif Mohammad Khan’s suggestion that President Ram Nath Kovind should be given a D – lit. Vice-Chancellor Dr. VP Mahadevan Pillai replied in writing to the Governor, who is also the Chancellor, that the Government and the Syndicate were not interested.

As a setback, the governor also froze the date for giving de-lit to those nominated by the government at the Sanskrit University. The Sanskrit University has decided to give D-lit to former VC Dr NP Unni, actress Shobhana and Dr TM Krishna. The governor approved the proposal of the syndicate meeting in this regard.

It was in the wake of these incidents that the governor revealed yesterday that the decisions taken by the government were detrimental to the pride of the country when he was the Chancellor.

The Governor summoned the VC of Kerala and directed him to give de lit to the President. The matter was given in writing. Earlier, KRNarayan had a tradition of allowing D Lit. The Vice-Chancellor informed the members of the Syndicate of the Governor’s proposal. They sought the opinion of the ruling leadership. The answer was that the President was not interested in giving de lit. The VC then met the Governor in person and informed him in writing.

At the same time, the syndicate decided not to attend the meeting. If the syndicate joined, the 6 government representatives who were members would have to comment on the government there. It is alleged that the meeting itself was canceled to avoid that. The process of awarding D Lit in Sanskrit University took place in parallel to this.

Meanwhile, the governor’s criticism of the chancellor’s position has intensified, leaving uncertainty as to what’s next. The Governor who was in Thiruvananthapuram yesterday will go to Kochi today. The Chief Minister of Palakkad will return to Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday.

English Summary: Kerala university denies Dlit to President of India



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