President Donald Trump again prosecutes Ilhan Omar of Minnesota

WASHINGTON – Before departing from Luan for Minnesota, President Donald Trump again attacked Ilhan Omar's Representative, Democracy from Minneapolis and one of the first two Muslim-American women to be served in the US Congress.

On Twitter, Trump Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Criticized Of Omar's defense, saying that she should look at the anti-Shemitacha, anti-Israel statements and US HATE undifferentiated statements made by Omar. out of control of Nancy! "

Omar, Pelosi and the other Democrats said that Trump often attacked the freshwater colleague from Minnesota who was against anti-Muslim, and that they are dying against Omar deaths.

Who is the Ilhan Representative Omar? What you know about the Muslim buyers is Donald Trump likes to make an attack


Mr Ilhan Omar said since President Donald Trump put them down, "direct threats" have increased.

Threats are increasing as Trump backers used her views in the 2020 campaign video, Omar put on all this weekend: “We are all Americans. The lives of these people are at risk.

Trump's most recent attacks were one hour before he left for Minnesota, where he is scheduled to have a departure from economic policy relating to the Monday tax filing deadline.

Trump lost narrowly to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Trump sees it as a state that can be feared by the Democrats in 2020.

Video 9/11: AOC, others Trump explodes over video 9/11, comments about Omar Rep

'Life at risk': t Ilhan Omar says that Trump has a threat of death on Trump

Last week, Trump sent a 43-second campaign video including footage of the World Trade Center after your planes were hijacked on them being stuck into it on September 11, 2001, and connecting it to comments Omar describing "attack" by some people. "

Omar's colleagues said she was discriminating against almost all other Muslims. They criticized Trump for turning 9/11 trauma into a political attack.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations is planning to protest outside the center for a Trump event, a trucking company and equipment in Burnsville, near the Twin Cities.

Pelosi said, "Meanwhile, weights are in the words of the president, and his ugly and inflammatory rhetoric creates a real danger … the President of Trump must remove his harmful and dangerous video."

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