President Lampang pointed out that what will happen must happen. Relegation or survival, but the team is still standing and wants to fight to the end.


“Hia Yue”, President of Lampang, pointed out that what will happen must happen. Will they fall or survive? But the team is still standing and wants to fight until the end. Carota football fans, don’t give up and help cheer a lot. Accept that ticket sales are not enough for expenses. The latest game can only get 700 people, believe me if it’s like this, the team will definitely fail.

From a situation that is not very good for the partisan “Emerald Chariot” Lampang FC, the new team after kicking 18 games in the 2022-23 Thai League battle, collecting only 10 points, ranks 16th or the bottom of the table. 6 points behind the 13th safe zone

Most recently, Suchok Lertwattanagomes, the president of the club, came out to give an interview about the work of the team now that “There are still many games left. What will happen has to happen last season. We hope to promote even though the club’s potential is not ready. encountered many obstacles But I did it until I reached the next level.”

“However, today the team is at the bottom of the table, but the management, including sponsors, coaches, staff, coaches are. and every player There is no such thing as giving up and definitely not giving up. Everyone is still fighting every remaining game.”

“Hai Yue” continued to say that “From the team’s performance, I now understand how good the fans feel. But the team members themselves are no different. but everyone is still ready to fight full of hope I would like to leave a message to football fans and Lampang fans that they do not give up. Please come and have a lot of fun. Because everyone is a 12th player.”

“Until now, very few times have football fans entered the pitch for 2 games. The last match against Khon Kaen United only sold tickets for over seven hundred people, which is not enough to pay. The home game before that, even when meeting Muang Thong United, there were still only 1,200 people watching. If it’s like this, I think the team will definitely break.

For the next match, the 19th match, Lampang FC has a queue to open the house to deal with Leo Chiang Rai United, the 5th team in the table on Sunday, February 12, 2023 at the Central Stadium, Lampang Province (Nong Krating ) at 6:30 pm Live broadcast on AIS Play channel

Image source: LAMPANG FC

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