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President Moon attends ASEAN+3 summit … urges support for ‘end of war declaration’

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[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Lee Young-seop = President Moon Jae-in asked ASEAN leaders on the 27th to support the declaration of an end to the Korean War.

President Moon expressed his gratitude for ASEAN’s consistent support for the ROK government’s ‘Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula’ at the ASEAN+3 Summit held via video on the same day, saying, “With that power, hope for complete denuclearization and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula. I was able to grow it,” said Park Kyung-mi, a spokesperson for the Blue House.

President Moon asked for unwavering interest and support on the path to a peaceful Korean Peninsula and a prosperous East Asia, including the ‘Declaration of the End of the War’, which is the beginning of reconciliation and cooperation.

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Lee Young-seop = President Moon Jae-in is attending the ASEAN+3 Summit. [사진=청와대] 2021.10.27 [email protected]

In his remarks on the agenda, President Moon said, “Based on the RCEP and the Korea-ASEAN FTA, I look forward to strengthening the regional supply chain and achieving sustainable economic growth together. He added that he expects forward-looking measures, such as mutual recognition of inoculation certificates and measures to revitalize human exchanges in the region, including the quick passage for entrepreneurs, in order to systematically guarantee the movement of essential manpower to restore the global supply chain and promote trade and investment.

In addition, President Moon said that for the win-win development of digital capabilities, Korea is expanding cooperation in various digital fields, including smart cities, digital government, digital disaster management, online education, and digital contents, and in order to create a sustainable East Asia through efforts to respond to the climate crisis. He said he would actively share Korea’s Green New Deal experience.

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Lee Young-seop = President Moon Jae-in is attending the ASEAN+3 Summit. [사진=청와대] 2021.10.27 [email protected]

Meanwhile, President Moon met Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida by video on the same day.

Prime Minister Kishida of Japan expressed his will to continue contributing to the promotion of food security in the region and mentioned the need for early entry into force of the RCEP to maintain a free economic order and the use of the ‘Chiang Mai Initiative’s multilateralization’ to build a financial safety net. They expressed their hopes for a better link between the ASEAN Perspective on the Pacific (AOIP) and Japan’s Intai Initiative.

For the open, inclusive and sustainable development of ASEAN+3, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang strengthened public health governance, stressed the need to increase cybersecurity governance exchanges, vitalize financial cooperation, and pay attention to energy and food security. said there is He also emphasized the importance of ‘multilateralizing the Chiang Mai Initiative’ while reinforcing efforts for the early implementation of the RCEP.

The leaders of nine ASEAN countries expressed their gratitude for the trilateral support of medical supplies, equipment, and vaccines in the process of overcoming and recovering from COVID-19 by the three countries, Korea, China, and Japan. He expressed his hopes for expanding cooperation between ASEAN mechanisms, such as the ‘ASEAN Perspective on the Indo-Pacific’ and the ‘ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Recovery Framework (ACRF)’.

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