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President Moon: “Pope’s visit to North Korea will provide momentum for peace on the Korean Peninsula”

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President Moon Jae-in, who visited Italy on the occasion of the G20 summit, met with Pope Francis. President Moon again requested the Pope’s visit to North Korea, saying it will be a momentum for ‘peace on the Korean Peninsula’. Pope Francis said he would be happy to go if he sent an invitation. Correspondent Kim So-hyun.

Reporter Kim, President Moon met with the Pope for the first time in three years. Were the conversation details disclosed?


In an exclusive meeting with the Pope, President Moon said, “If the Pope takes the opportunity to visit North Korea, it will be a momentum for peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

To President Moon’s request to visit North Korea, the Pope responded by saying, “If you send me an invitation, I will gladly go for peace. Aren’t we brothers who speak the same language as you?”

President Moon also met the Pope in 2018 and delivered an invitation from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

On this occasion, President Moon presented a cross made of barbed wire along the Military Demarcation Line to the Pope.

Today’s meeting was exceptionally conducted by Unification Minister Lee In-young.

It is interpreted as emphasizing the Korean government’s commitment to the establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula.

After the interview, the Pope exchanged greetings with the attendants one by one.


Reporter Kim So-hyun also covered the Vatican, right? Let’s hear the situation.


Prior to President Four Moon’s meeting with the Pope, we conducted on-the-spot coverage to the extent that we could access it. Let’s watch the video for a moment.

A vehicle carrying President Moon is now entering the Papal Palace. After a while, I will meet President Moon and the Pope at the Papal Palace. Before the summit meeting, the security seems to have been considerably strengthened.

Following President Moon, U.S. President Biden will also have a meeting right away, so American reporters are preparing for a live broadcast like this.


Did President Moon ever meet with US President Biden? It was said that the Korea-US summit was also being discussed.


As of today, there has been no news that the leaders of the United States and South Korea met.

To explain the schedule, the G20 summit will be held here in Rome for two days starting tomorrow, and then the two leaders will move to Glasgow, UK, to attend the Climate Change Convention Parties meeting.

There is a possibility that the two leaders will meet in some form, so it is noteworthy that there will be discussions related to the declaration of an end to the war proposed by President Moon.

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