President Moon presides over today’s special quarantine inspection meeting… Discussion on strengthening quarantine pass

President Moon Jae-in held a special quarantine inspection meeting at the Blue House on the afternoon of the 29th to evaluate the phased implementation of daily recovery over the past four weeks.

It is the first time in four months since President Moon presided over a special quarantine inspection meeting in the metropolitan area on July 12.

President Moon, Prime Minister Boo-gyeom Kim, Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki, Deputy Prime Minister Yoo Eun-hye, Health and Welfare Minister Kwon Deok-cheol, Public Administration and Security Minister Jeon Jeon-cheol, Minister of Government Administration and Security Koo Yun-cheol, Minister of Food and Drug Safety Kim Gang-lip, and Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attended the meeting today (29th). do.

This meeting was held in a situation where the number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 increased significantly, exceeding 4,000 a day, and even omicron mutations appeared after the phased daily recovery started earlier this month.

After the meeting, the government plans to announce comprehensive quarantine measures through a joint briefing with related ministries.

It is known that the government is not considering an ’emergency plan’ that suspends daily recovery, but is considering expanding the quarantine pass (inoculation certificate, negative confirmation system).

In addition, a plan to encourage additional vaccinations by introducing a six-month validity period to the quarantine pass is also being discussed.

In addition, as the number of confirmed patients continues to increase during the step-by-step recovery process, it is important to maintain a medical response system.

The government was originally scheduled to come up with measures to strengthen quarantine on the 26th, but as a result of the discussion of the Daily Recovery Support Committee held the day before, the announcement was delayed as the differences between the medical community, the self-employed and related ministries did not narrow down.

At this meeting, discussions were held to expand the age group and industry for which the quarantine pass was applied, but it is said that there was a strong opposition from the self-employed and small business owners.

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