President Trump Just Posted On Truly Remarkable Tweet Tweet About the Boeing 737 MAX. (Southwest, United, and American Airlines, Take Note)

Boeing 737 Max continues, with the latest news over the weekend that both American Airlines and Southwest Airlines will be canceling all flights that were flown on the troubled aircraft through August.

But in the morning, President Trump pointed out that it is easy to get a Boeing solution on the whole thing – well, easy to communicate, perhaps, but more difficult to implement.

If this is not done correctly, the tweet reads:

What I know about branding, maybe without anything (but I became a President!), But if I was a Boeing, I want the 737 Boeing MAX to book, some amazing features add extra, & REBRAND the plane with a new name.
No such product was suffered. But again, what do I know?

First, arrange the plane

Boeing argues that it is set for software linked to two fatal crashs of 737 Max aircraft, and that 50 airline customers with the aircraft in their fleet tested them on simulators. But when the plane could be considered "fixed" and it is not sure it is back to duty.

Last week, Boeing revealed that the orders for the 737 Max have delayed each other.

Ten orders for the plane arrived in January and February, which followed the first crash – Lion Air Flight 610 in Indonesia, which fell on 29 October – but before the second crash – Ethiopian Airlines 302 flight, fell on March 10 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Everyone on the two planes died.

So Trump praise is very interesting. No matter what you think of the president, and I know from my email box that readers are passionate and shared, I hope we can agree that it starts from the assumption that Boeing must find a deal before rebranding .

But then, I think something is missing from the equation.

Just take one small

Boeing is not flying passengers. They fly on American, United, and Southwest Airlines. (Plus Air Delta Lines and small carriers – but there is no 737 Max aircraft at Delta.)

As my colleague Chris Matyszczyk recently reported, passengers are breaking out – understandably.

A number of Southwest Airlines passengers recently received social media when they boarded Boeing 737-800s, and discovered that the safety card was used for that aircraft and for the 737 Max.

Can you imagine what it will take before passengers would fly them again?

Trump is very likely that there are few products that have hit them like this. It is then up to Rock Fisher-Price's Play-n.

And, of course, the American way is sometimes rebranded – that is why Phillip Morris recurred to be an Altria (a little more complicated, but that you get the gist), and that the security company formerly known as Blackwater now Academy.

But there is no small catch with the advice of Trump, and I don't think it would prevent Boeing from taking it.

We're not just talking about the 737 Max, or even about Boeing.

Instead, we're talking about the airlines that fly. And I can't help but I think that any blog – flying "rebranded plane" because passengers no longer trust there – can hurt their brands as well.

Raising and thrust, faith and trust

We have seen this often before. Some airlines think they are selling seats on a plane. But that's not right.

What they really sell is an experience and a solution. And core part No. 1 of that experience with confidence. Passengers need to have confidence in the airlines, pilots and experience.

I confess: If one thing understands Trump, the way to build a brand is. But in this case, I think there are only two possible solutions for Boeing:

  • Just scrap the entire project 737 and start over. This would be almost devastating for the company, however.
  • Alternatively, arrange for passengers to have 100 per cent credit – all in terms of branding and marketing.

If I was advising Boeing, I would make a big show of the best officials who will take a tour of the world at 737 Max after he had been settled, perhaps bringing their family along the journey.

I might ask my competitors to conduct an independent analysis of the safety of the aircraft. I can now see the motto: "Boeing 737 Max: the aircraft so safe, Airbus even signed it."

It would therefore have to be a big thing to restore faith. That's what I would advise.

But then again, as Trump says: "What do I know?"

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