President Xi Responds to Risks That Hinder Development- “Great Reconstruction” Is Not Easy-Bloomberg

China’s President Xi Jinping said in a speech on New Year’s Eve that he would deal with risks that could hinder the country’s development. Mr. Xi will have a very important political year as the economy is hit by the new coronavirus.

Xi, 68, told 1.4 billion people on television that “realizing China’s great reconstruction” is not easy, always maintaining a long-term outlook and keeping an eye on potential risks. He continued to have to maintain strategic concentration and determination.

President Xi Jinping of China

Source: AFP

China plans to hold the Communist Party Congress once every five years in the fall of 2022. The Xi administration is expected to enter an unusual third term.

There was no mention of the United States in the speech. He reiterated his policy regarding Taiwan and Hong Kong. “Prosperity and stability are always near the center of the country,” said Xi of Hong Kong and Macau. “With unity and cooperation, we can ensure the sound implementation of the“ one country, two systems ”in the long run. The complete reunification of the homeland is a strong desire shared by people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. “

Original title:China’s Xi Vows to Tackle Risks as Pivotal Political Year Begins




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