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President Yang Hanping investigates Zhonghe Media

On the morning of September 21, President Yang Hanping and his party went to Beijing Zhonghe Deyu Culture Media Co, Ltd to conduct research, and communicate and discuss with the company’s chairman Zhao Qiongfang and the heads of various business units.

The person in charge of the relevant business department of Zhonghe Media presented the company’s business sector and the development in recent years.

Zhonghe Media is a comprehensive media integrating all-media advertising agency, digital marketing, e-commerce operation, IP incubation for online students, film and TV drama production, high-quality content production and full affiliate marketing services on for brand, impact, and e-commerce operation The company’s main businesses include brand advertising, impact advertising, e-commerce business, film and television business, economic and foreign trade, etc. Since the company was established in 2016, the business scale has achieved diversified growth in 2022. The company has an excellent advertising full case planning and implementation team, which can provide customers with all-media strategy formulation, cost-effective media acquisition, and effective advertising distribution services to achieve product integration and impact The channels cover the entire field of traditional media and new media, and professional support Initiatives complete brand building and impact transformation. To provide global digital marketing promotion, official account implementation and management services, network IP incubation, private domain traffic generation, with live broadcast and short video as the main content, in order to achieve accurate and high-energy financial drainage, and assist enterprises to lead consumption trends in different segments of life, Building a closed loop business ecosystem.


Chairman Yang Hanping fully confirmed the company’s rapid development in marketing communication, film and television culture and e-commerce services, and its contribution to the promotion of new retail, new consumption and rural revitalization, especially under the epidemic during the two last years Changes in the industry, discovery of market demand, timely adjustment of business modules, and continuous transformation and upgrading of the industry have achieved good results It is believed that the company’s business will be prosperous. Zhonghe Media’s business is very compatible with the two contents of the great work of brand building and innovative marketing of the China Advertisers Association. I hope that Zhonghe Media and the association will strengthen contact and actively participate in various activities of the association. strive to give full play to its platform service advantages in the future. Each party’s resources can empower the company’s development and promote the high-quality development of the advertising media industry.


Chairman Zhao Qiongfang thanked Chairman Yang for visiting the company during his busy schedule for research and leadership, and for his confirmation of the company’s development. He said he would continue to lead the team to develop and innovate. , build a first-class media company , strengthen industry communication in the future, and connect with the society more closely to find the meeting place of innovation and development to achieve comprehensive and detailed cooperation.

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