President Yoon rejects the motion to dismiss Park Jin… Democracy “rebellion against the will of the people” VS.

The Democratic Party of Korea criticized President Yoon Seok-yeol for refusing to accept Foreign Minister Park Jin’s resignation offer, saying “President Yoon disobeyed public opinion.”

Lee Su-jin, floor spokesperson of the Minjoo Party, said in a written briefing, “President Yoon has lost his last chance to cancel the decision.”

He continued, “The previous administrations accepted the National Assembly’s offer to dismiss, and most members of the Council of State resigned voluntarily.

“The Democratic Party will not end until the truth of the diplomatic disaster, the president’s apology, and the person responsible are reprimanded,” said Lee, the floor spokesperson.

On the other hand, Park Jeong-ha, a senior spokesman for the People’s Power, said in a commentary that “it is a private matter,” and said, “The Democratic Party should stop the political struggle that even neglected the people’s livelihood now and make the regular National Assembly a place of collaboration.”

He added, “Since Foreign Affairs Minister Park Jin has devoted himself to the national interest, I ask him to do his best in his future responsibilities.”

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