President Yoon, “We need to make policy efforts such as fair compensation and deregulation” to strengthen export capabilities

President Yoon Seok-yeol presided over the 5th export strategy meeting and emphasized that “the government should enact a fair compensation system and boldly lift unreasonable regulations while making policy efforts to revive the market.”

In an export strategy meeting held at Bio Magok Cluster in Seoul this morning, President Yoon asked the government to play such a role, saying that a cluster like Boston should be created in the United States to strengthen export capabilities.

At the same time, he said, “The United States is not at the level of spatial organization of research institutions, universities and investment institutions, but it achieves technology development and value creation by connecting them organically and closely.”

To this end, President Yoon added, “The government should play a role that can scratch the itch well,” adding, “It should choose funding well and make leading investments so that private interest and investment can flow inside.”

He continued, “We must overcome the economic crisis by improving productivity, but the only way to improve productivity is science and technology.”

The President’s Office also said, “Recently, competition in the global market goes beyond competition between companies, and shows competition between industrial ecosystems and clusters,” he explained.


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