President Yoon’s approval rating of 32%, recovering to the 30% level in 2 weeks[NBS 조사]

Once again, the positive evaluation of President Seok-Yeol Yoon’s job performance reached the 30% level in two weeks.

According to the National Indicator Survey (NBS) conducted by Embrain Public, K-Stat Research, Korea Research, and Hankook Research on 1.03 people aged 18 or older between the 28th and 30th of last month, the response that President Yoon manages the affairs of the state well was 32 %, 60% said they are doing it wrong.

In the biweekly NBS survey, President Yoon’s positive evaluation of state affairs was 29% in the third week of November.

In terms of preventing temporary door-stepping and questions on President Yoon’s way to work since the 18th of last month, 52% of respondents said it was ‘not necessary’, which was higher than 44% of those who said ‘ necessary’.

57% of the respondents referred to ‘President Yoon’s inappropriate opinion of the media’ as being responsible for preventing people from going on the doorstep, and 31% chose ‘the MBC reporter’s rude speech attitude’.

Regarding union strikes such as the Cargo Solidarity Headquarters of the Korean Confederation of Labor Trade Union, 58% of respondents said they should refrain from strikes as they have a negative impact on the economy, which was higher than 34% who said there was not any problem with legal collective action.

The party’s support was 32% of the people’s strength, 34% of the Democratic Party of Korea, and 4% of the Justice Party.

This survey was conducted by telephone interviews using virtual mobile phone numbers (100%), and the sample error was ±3.1%p at the 95% confidence level, and the response rate was 15.7%.

For more information, please refer to the Central Elections Elections Discussion Committee website.

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