President Yun “China has a responsibility towards North Korea… strong unions are a serious problem” Reuters

“The 7th nuclear test will be a very stupid decision”

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President Yoon Seok-yeol taps the gift at a cabinet meeting held at the Presidential Office Building in Yongsan on the 29th. Presidential Correspondents

On the 29th, President Yoon Seok-yeol said in relation to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, “China has sufficient capabilities to significantly influence North Korea and has responsibilities in the international community.”

President Yoon reported on the day <로이터> He made this clear in an interview, saying that if North Korea conducts a seventh nuclear test, it will face “responses not taken so far.”

Regarding North Korea’s seventh nuclear test, President Yoon said, “It would be a very foolish decision,” and he emphasized to the international community, “It is very important to be consistent and to voice the same voice.” <로이터>reported that President Yoon criticized the international community’s failure to take consistent action against North Korea over the past 30 years in an interview. Reuters said China is being evaluated as having limited ability to control North Korea and a weak will to do so.

In an interview, President Yoon, targeting China regarding the Taiwan issue, said, “unilateral changes to the status quo harm all order, peace and stability,” and “I strongly oppose that.” As for the role of South Korea or the USFK in the event of a conflict in Taiwan, President Yoon replied that he would “consider the overall security situation.” However, he said that South Korea’s biggest concern in the Taiwan conflict would be North Korea’s military action taking advantage of the conflict. <로이터>He said. In an interview, President Yoon said, “(For the South Korean military) it is important to respond and control the most dangerous situation around us (on the Korean Peninsula).”

<로이터>he noted that President Yoon is strengthening security cooperation with Japan compared to the previous government. In an interview, President Yoon said of Japan’s increase in defense spending, “We could not leave it unattended when missiles fly over the archipelago.”

Meanwhile, regarding a recent video interview with Tesla’s Elon Musk and SpaceX CEOs, President Yoon said, “When Tesla, SpaceX, or related companies invest in Korea and build gigafactories, the government will do everything possible to cooperate. He said, “I plan to modify the parts specific to companies that want to invest in Korea.”

Regarding the cargo union general strike that began on the 24th, President Yoon also said, “Korea’s strong unions are a really serious problem.” <로이터>reported that President Yoon criticized the previous administrations for causing a vicious cycle of illegal strikes by frequently negotiating with labor unions.

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