President Zelensky Asking the international community to pull down Russia’s sword

Ukrainian President Zelensky is urging world leaders to punish Russia After several months of continued invasion of Ukraine while speaking at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Wednesday (September 21).

“Russia must pay for this war,” said Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, asking the International Court of Justice to punish Russia.

“We have to admit that Russia is a state that supports terrorism.”

President Zelensky’s statement came after President Vladimir Putin of Russia ordered to mobilize hundreds of thousands of soldiers for war. As the war in Ukraine enters its eighth month, there is no sign that Russia will abandon its goal of overthrowing Ukrainian sovereignty to restore the Soviet empire.

“Every country Ukraine needs peace Europe needs peace the world needs peace Only one among the member states of the United Nations has enjoyed this war,” Zelensky said, without mentioning Putin by name .

President Zelenski also sarcastically addressed the seven countries that voted against him to make a televised statement to the United Nations. “Fear of making video statements”

CNBC news agency said that President Zelenski is the only leader to make televised remarks on the platform of the United Nations General Assembly. The special exemption was passed last week by a vote of 101 to seven, with 19 countries abstaining, including China, with seven opposed Belarus, Cuba, Eritrea and Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia and Syria

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