Presidential account: collaborate for the agreements

Mr. Principal:

Thanks to an initiative of basepú we met with various friendly organizations of civil society to listen and analyze the presidential message.

In effect, as President Boric pointed out, during the last decades we have confirmed that citizens have been able to leave behind the most dramatic manifestations of poverty. However, some of these persist and have worsened with the events of recent years. For this reason, we agree that Chile requires and can establish a base of guaranteed social rights in terms of quality, opportunity and other variables. Because this is not an individual task, but precisely a goal shared by society as a whole. The labor and pension agenda, advances in health, the challenges facing the
lags in education and childhood, as well as the arduous task that is required in housing, among other areas where establishing rights is key, it summons us, commits and mobilizes, it is what is at the center of our purpose.

However, the foregoing also requires that the particular and diverse characteristics of our country be made visible and recognized, and it is here that we cannot forget the most backward rural sectors, who suffer their own dynamics of poverty exacerbated by isolation and lack of services. . Valuing the characteristics of the territories and the need to decentralize development and decisions is also the basis for future development.

We sincerely welcome the fact that the speech raises equal opportunities, integration and equity as the foundations, not only of development, but of democracy itself. Also the call to lower the tension in the debate and coexistence. As representatives of civil society organizations that intertwine their objectives and obligations with the cause of the common good, we join these challenges.

Finally, we invite all sectors of society, and especially representatives and authorities, who are responsible for decision-making, to collaborate to build the agreements that we so badly need. Because collaborating is the only and proven way in which humanity has managed to prosper, and because the agreements and the desire to provide our society with a common life experience in well-being, is what allows us to advance in cohesion and equity for all and all.

Catalina Littin Executive Director Overcoming Poverty Foundation – COUNTRY SERVICE
Hans Rosenkranz Executive Director Community of Solidarity Organizations


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