Presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung, who appeared after 5 days of chipping, “I will not blame others”

Sim Sang-jung, the Justice Party presidential candidate, who had entered the middle of the full-fledged election campaign, appeared after five days and resumed the schedule. The reason for the suspension of the schedule was that the citizens he met in the course of the election felt far away, and he diagnosed that the root factor was his own failure to prevent an unequal society. Then he reflected that he would not blame anyone else.

Candidate Sang-Jeong Shim apologized at a press conference held at the main building of the National Assembly on the afternoon of the 17th, saying, “I am very sorry for causing concern to the people over the past few days.”

Regarding the reason for the suspension, candidate Shim explained, “I stopped the campaign schedule not just because of approval ratings.” did. As a result, he stopped the schedule and reflected on what went wrong and where to start, and as a result, he found that he failed to prevent the aggravation of inequality and worsening of citizens’ lives, far from the promises of ‘a country where labor is dignified’ and ‘a just welfare state’. concluded

Candidate Shim said, “I will not blame others. I will not say that it is because of the tyranny of the large two parties, or that it is inevitable because the party is small. I won’t say it’s unfair.” In particular, he said, “That Shim Sang-jung is a part of politics that has created a society of inequality.” He said, “I feel an infinite sense of responsibility. We sincerely apologize for failing to live up to the expectations of the citizens who have given us a lot of support.”

Candidate Shim said, “I humbly admit to my painful misjudgment,” and said, “Everyone who was hurt or disappointed I bow my head and apologize to everyone.”

▲ Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung holds a press conference at the main building of the National Assembly on the afternoon of the 17th. Photo = Captured from MBC video

Candidate Shim emphasized that he will not give up until the end, saying that the Justice Party’s role in protecting the lives of the weak has become more substantial in the face of the reality of deepening inequality and consolidated vested interests. In response, Candidate Shim promised not to blame others for the difficult situation; He also said, “I will do my best so that the voices of women and labor resonate with Shim Sang-jung’s microphone,” he said.

He also said that he would start a public debate on social issues that were taboo like the sanctuary of progress, and that “I will make a drastic innovation of old progressives by making taboos taboo.” After the press conference was announced, when asked by reporters about what areas progressives have been taboo, Candidate Shim said, “Progressives also have vested interests. Discussion on public discourse and pension reform.”

When asked about his position on former Minister Cho Kuk, Candidate Shim said, “Many people who supported progressive politics and hoped for progressive politics to grow were disappointed as the electoral system reform did not succeed, but rather only shakes the great principles and values ​​of progress.” “Through this election process, I was able to feel that the hearts and beliefs of these people did not come back,” he said.

Regarding the failure of the unification of progressive candidates, Candidate Shim said, “I received a report that the unification of progressives has been promoted by the party and has come to an end. “I think it should be done in the best way possible,” he said.

Regarding the agreement that only two candidates Lee Jae-myung and Yoon Seok-yeol would have a TV debate, Candidate Shim criticized, “What is the difference between being kicked out of a test center because you are short in school? did. Candidate Shim said, “The two candidates are talking about fairness, and if such a TV debate takes place, it will be difficult to say about fairness. If it goes according to the agreement of the two parties, the election campaign will be rigged.”

When asked about the root cause of the current Justice Party, Candidate Shim said, “Citizens are very disappointed with the current state of the progressive party. I think it was difficult to sympathize with them, whether they are doing it or if it is so urgent.” He said, “I plan to respond more urgently, clearly and humbly to these aspects of the values ​​and principles that progressive politics have been proclaiming. It is my calling to raise the voice of the people as much as possible,” he added.




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