Presidential Office “No decision on Jung Ho-young’s whereabouts until Han Deok-soo’s vote”

The ruling and opposition parties vote on Prime Minister Han Deok-soo’s approval today

The National Assembly held a plenary session on the 20th to vote on the approval of Prime Minister Han Deok-soo (pictured). On the 19th, the ruling and opposition parties linked the issue of the confirmation of a candidate and the appointment of the Minister of Health and Welfare Jeong Ho-young to determine whether it was ‘first drop, later approval’ or ‘first approval, later decision’. They fought nervously all day. However, President Yoon Seok-yeol does not plan to decide on Jeong’s fate until one vote is voted on.

President Yoon met with reporters on the way to the presidential office in Yongsan, Seoul on the same day, and said to the Democratic Party of Korea, “I think it will be handled well according to common sense.” He did not comment on whether or not Chung would be appointed. A high-ranking official at the presidential office said, “President Yoon is firmly determined not to engage in political transactions such as ‘passing a bill to approve a candidate on condition that he disqualifies him’. “Now is the time for the National Assembly to answer.” ” he said.

However, if the Democratic Party cooperates with the approval of a candidate, it is also discussed in the passport to organize candidate Chung’s voluntary resignation and show sincerity.

The Democratic Party has a strong negative vibe about the approval of one candidate. Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun said on the same day, “The bus of cooperation and trust has already left due to the excessive greed of President Yoon and the people’s power.” However, ahead of the June 1 local elections, the party is deeply concerned about the possibility that it may face a headwind by being trapped in the frame of ‘catch the new government’. People’s Power lawmakers attacked this and personally contacted Democratic lawmakers they knew each other and persuaded them to proceed with the approval of a candidate.

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Passport “Han Deok-soo Confirmation First” Democratic “Jung Ho-young Resignation First” Parallel Lines

Nervous battle over vote on Prime Minister’s approval today
尹, Han Deok-soo and Jung Ho-young oppose give and take… Passport ship “must be opened with retirement” request to resign
Democracy “Adopted the right or left party argument just before the plenary session”… Lee Jae-myung: “President should consider the first departure”

On the 19th, one day before the vote to approve Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, the ruling and opposition parties continued to fight over the fate of health and welfare minister Jeong Ho-young, the only non-appointed candidate among the first ministers of the Yun Seok-yeol administration. In the passport, after watching the result of the National Assembly plenary session on the 20th, there was also a trend that candidate Chung could resign voluntarily, but the opposition party drew a line again that the issue of approval of a candidate and the whereabouts of candidate Chung were separate.

○ 尹 “There is no decision on Jung Ho-young’s whereabouts before the Korean vote”

It is reported that President Yoon has a strong intention not to make a decision on whether or not to appoint Chung until a vote to confirm one candidate is made. A key official in the presidential office said, “The opposition party insists on giving and receiving to let the candidate pass on the premise that he will be defeated, but President Yoon is not like that. That’s why we won’t take action before one candidate is voted on,” he said.

However, within the passport, some say that before the vote of the plenary session, the exit should be opened in the form of candidate Jeong voluntarily resigning. A key passport official said, “Through senior lawmakers in the Daegu area, we are directly or indirectly conveying opinions asking for a decision to candidate Chung. .

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The key is when to sort out the issue of candidate Chung’s whereabouts. While the presidential office and the people’s power are strongly inclined to decide whether or not to resign after the vote of the plenary session, the Democratic Party of Korea insists that the issue of whereabouts be settled before the plenary session is held. “Now is the time for the National Assembly to give an answer,” said an official from the presidential office.

○ Even in the wild

The Democratic Party plans to decide the party’s opinion on the approval of a candidate through a general meeting of members just before the plenary session on the 20th. The party leadership repeatedly expressed a negative position on the same day, saying, “The bus has already left.” At the policy coordination meeting, floor leader Park Hong-geun said, “(a candidate) has become a bridesmaid for the appointment of Dong-hoon Han, the ‘communication order’ that President Yoon was trying to keep. I am holding it as if it was a big secret, but the bus of cooperation and trust has already left due to the excessive greed of President Yoon and the people’s power.” Dismissing the relationship between Candidate Chung’s trajectory and the confirmation of one candidate.

Within the party, the ‘negative conclusion’ about the approval of a candidate by the appointment of Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon is gaining strength. Rep. Kang Byung-yong, secretary of the Special Committee on Personnel Hearings for a Candidate, delivered a letter to fellow lawmakers on the same day saying, “The opposition to the approval of a candidate should be decided as the official position of our party.” Rep. Kang said, “The opposition to the approval of a candidate is not a hindrance, but rather the mission and duty of the opposition party to contain the monopoly of the Yun Seok-yeol administration.” A first-time lawmaker in the metropolitan area also said, “It is true that the negative atmosphere among lawmakers has grown stronger even with the appointment of a minister and the approval of a candidate.”

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However, there are also ‘neutral’ concerns about the June 1 local elections. Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the general election task force, said on CBS radio that day, “It is also necessary to consider that the president is the first to depart.” Accordingly, the possibility is raised that the party leadership will not adopt the denial as the party argument at the National Assembly, but make a decision with a negative recommendation or a voluntary vote.

Reporter Jeon Joo-young
By Park Hoon-sang, reporter
Reporter Kang Kyung-seok
By Kwon Oh-hyuk, staff reporter


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