President’s office refuses to board MBC reporter’s private plane… MBC “A new type of media tyranny”

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However, there is a debate about the fact that the presidential office has decided to ban MBC reporters from boarding the presidential plane used for this trip.

MBC expressed its deep regret, saying that this action by the presidential office could be seen as “retaliation for the critical media and a new type of media repression.”

Our reporters decided to continue the coverage and report on the spot using a private plane.

First of all, reporter Lee Ki-joo will tell you.

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The president’s office informed MBC reporters about the policy of not being allowed to board the private plane at around 9 pm last night, after notifying the boarding ban by phone, the reason was then sent via text message.

“Boarding the private plane has been providing a convenience for reporting on diplomatic and security issues,” he said, adding, “It is an inevitable measure to prevent MBC’s distorted and polarized broadcasting.”

President Yoon Seok-yeol, who met with reporters on the way to work, also said, “This is because an important national interest is at stake in a foreign trip,” and “It was a decision that has provided a convenience for reporting on this. .”


“We have provided our reporters with the opportunity to report on these diplomatic and security issues, so please take it as such.”

When asked about the reason for the decision to ban MBC, an official from the presidential office said, “There was a case that undermined the performance of tour diplomacy, a battlefield for national interest,” strongly suggesting that it was a response to MBC’s . a controversial slanderous report in September.

The official also said, “The measure was taken in the middle of considering whether it is right to provide a reporting facility, which costs a large amount of national tax.” It also provoked a backlash.

In response to the sudden notice of refusal to board the private plane by the presidential office before the trip departed, MBC expressed regret in an official statement saying, “The decision to refuse to board a private plane is an act that severely restrict freedom of speech.”

He continued, “A response in the form of refusing to board the presidential plane while ignoring the democratic system that the Republic of Korea has agreed upon and built can be seen as retaliation against the critical media and a new form of media repression ,” he said. We intend to conduct the investigation and report faithfully.”

This is Lee Ki-joo from MBC News.

Video commentary: Park Jong-il, Koo Bon-won/Video editing: Jo Ki-beom

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