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Press Association, the Prime Minister’s “spraying alcohol in the face”, pointing out just playing with

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Journalist Association of Thailand Publish articles Mission-based correspondent Big Tu Prevent the Prime Minister, the knot of “spraying alcohol in the face” points just to play with

Today (15 Mar. 64), the Journalists Association of Thailand Publish articles through the association’s website Which is an article “Journalists according to the Prime Minister as a regular team will know the Prime Minister’s mood well. Not so excited and shocked When the Prime Minister throws the turkey, throws it, or is in the mood, “written by Yada increases the fortune of the Government House reporter Follow Prime Minister’s Mission With details as follows

Yada increases the fortune of the Government House reporter Follow Prime Minister’s Mission Tell of the atmosphere Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, injected spay into the media at the Government House that That day happened after the press conference. Because the reporter asked about the cabinet adjustment And the person who will become the cabinet The Prime Minister said the names in the Pracharat Party part had been sent to himself in his pants pocket.

The reporter tried to ask what was the name of the list. But the Prime Minister said that he had not read it yet. The reporter’s habit is cameo asked But the nature of the Prime Minister is playful, asking if “Why haven’t I opened it yet? It’s in my pocket.” At that moment, the Prime Minister saw that the reporters asked a lot and could still ask. Asking the same questions and then answering Therefore walked down from the podium Bring the alcohol spray that you have with you all the time and spray it on the medium. Which the Prime Minister wanted to tease, as if asked a lot The media know that they show a friendly way. And no one was affected by the spay injection at that time.

But foreign media may have another view of whether dangerous alcohol spray should be done or not. Want to tease the media and be careful at what stage to spray How does the injection not be dangerous? The Prime Minister apologized to the media. And said that from following you must be more careful yourself I will not tease anything like this again and say a little bit.

That’s why I tried to relax with the media, because I had previously accused the media that the prime minister was too spaced. Prudish Security is dark in a very neat manner. But this time I said that since we relax, we play, and then we tease. But the media did not save on these matters at all. Play all the news, dramas The Prime Minister then said that from the following, he had to spend a lot of distance from the media and return to the exact regulations as before.

“Government House media on this event After the news was released, we talked about how the atmosphere of that day None of the journalists felt that the prime minister did it badly, we didn’t say or feel that way. But we say there will definitely be drama. And then we believe that it follows that. A drama like this will last on the media for about a week. I will gradually. Faded because the Prime Minister. Came out to apologize, then asked to report to the media Recognizing that it was not intended to intend to expose the media to the harmful effects of alcohol. “

Yada said that there was no COVID situation at the time. The Prime Minister often visits the area to meet people. Each area will have the OTOP products of the village to be displayed. The Prime Minister may have picked that up, picked this up, and thrown at the media as a teaser. To want to build a relationship Which the media already predicted that if the Prime Minister took this item There must be a swing, a thrown. Came and followed that

Just like different people have different angles, know each other feelings But the style of teasing With being a soldier, it is raw in itself May be a little blunt All the life of General Prayut has been with the soldiers. Play anything, often in an impulsive manner. But with the fact that journalists may have more women than men Teasing is just as light. But the lightness of the prime minister’s appearance in the eyes of people may see it as unruly Not suitable, should not As for those who want to find fault with the Prime Minister, they may think that there is no manners.

“Gen Prayut is a person with shallow anger. If anyone hijacks any glands Will immediately show up Especially in the days when the Prime Minister came from the NCPO, it would go up even faster and not go down as well. Will flick his head Gnashed his teeth and clenched his fist and walked. But after being elected prime minister Can reduce the mood there a lot There will be a picture of being less upset than before.

Ago the Prime Minister Used to tell you that before leaving the house in the morning Will look in the mirror and look at myself And said not to be an angry person Be very calm, practice with a mirror before leaving the house. Today, the Prime Minister will feel a lot lighter. It is observed recently from the distrust debate. Will have more control over his emotions than in the past Compared to the first few distrust debates If anyone says anything, they will grab the mic and get up. By ignoring the counter-meeting regulations, but today the Prime Minister is able to control his emotions a lot, much better. “

The Prime Minister only gets emotional when the reporter asks cameo or repeatedly asks the question. Or ask in a manner that leads the speech of that politician Of this source Chi asked in the prime minister’s mouth According to the news, he wanted the Prime Minister to strike back or counterattack. In a way that creates more divisions or conflicts here, the Prime Minister will show an angry mood. But in Yada’s point of view The Prime Minister pretended to be angry like that. In order to cut the end, do not have to answer the media to close the issue.

Working in the Government House area The reporters would rehearse themselves before the Prime Minister gave an interview. If the question is not sent in advance, will it look on the face? We will check the prime minister from the morning to see if the mood is good or not Can anyone get close? We checked the mood first and what the mood of the Prime Minister was on that day. We just need to know how to submit questions to get answers. And did not intend to throw a question In order to get the mood of the Prime Minister’s anger back, the questions asked and the band broke. We just have to wait and see the symptoms first. Because sometimes he couldn’t really capture the mood of the Prime Minister

As for the press coverage of the Government House, Yada said that there is a clear division of work, such as following the prime minister’s mission. Especially as a regular team Will know the Prime Minister’s mood well Not so excited and shocked When Prime throws the turkey, throws, or has a mood. Or follow other Deputy Prime Minister’s missions And journalists who view general overview in the Government House such as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office And Secretary-General of the Prime Minister Which essentially has a clear division of work Both the political team and the economic team Even today, work against social media as well Therefore need to hurry and send the issue to each media office

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