‘Prevena 13’ by Pfizer, “Pneumococcal vaccine should be vaccinated before the flu outbreak”

Pfizer Korea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. pneumococci and corona virus19 Highlight the importance of vaccines, to medical staff PROPHETpast the symposium15hold a day.

‘PROOF symposiummoney corona19and the importance of preventing pneumonia during flu seasonprepared on the theme of.

Professor Kim Jae-yeol (pictured) from the Department of Pulmonology at Chung-Ang University Hospital The importance of preventing pneumonia during an epidemic of respiratory infectionsemphasize the need for preventive pneumococcal vaccination during the flu season under the theme.

National Statistical Office of Korea(2020year basis)According to the study, the number of deaths due to the flu 256While famous, deaths from pneumonia 22,257Cause of death due to respiratory disease in Korea 1reach above.

Professor Kim “SARS-CoV-2 (corona19 causative virus)Simultaneous infection with bacteria and bacteria can further aggravate lung damage, and after infection with a respiratory virus, pneumococcal colonization is facilitated due to respiratory tissue damage, so secondary pneumococcal infections can increase.explained.

In fact, winter has been said to be the season when cases of flu increase, and the number of cases of pneumococcal disease, which is related to respiratory viruses, also increases..

him Especially 50As the incidence and death rates of pneumococcal infection increase significantly with age, preventive pneumococcal vaccination needs attention.65Pneumococcal vaccination is recommended for adults over 3 years of agehe suggested that.

Hee-Jin Kim, Executive Vice President, Vaccine Division, Pfizer Korea Latest Prevena13Large-scale efficacy study data confirm preventive effect of community-acquired pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal disease®13 add to permission, This is Prevena 13of pneumococci It shows that the disease prevention effect has once again been confirmed on the basis of evidence.He said.

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