Prevent spoilers in your search! Daniel Henney NO SPOILER & Anti-Spoiler Video Interview Video Released by Anish Chaganty Producer

[노동일보] February’s Best Movies in the Theater District (Importer / Distributor: Sony Pictures) has released a video announcing the ‘NO SPOILER’ campaign to keep the unpredictable twist and fully enjoy the film.

Films that emerged as hot topics in theaters in February While we look forward to what new story will come, Daniel Henney and Anish Chaganti, the main characters of the show, draw attention by releasing a video asking for ‘NO spoilers’.

Yes (2018), a new story in the series, about a college student’s struggle to find her missing mother while traveling using advanced digital devices and online media.

First, Daniel Henney said, “Film full of twists and turns that will surprise you,” anticipating different twists in the film.

In addition to this, we conveyed a message to the audience who will be watching the film in advance to ask for NO spoilers, asking them to keep it a secret for a more intense viewing.

Along with this, the previous a director Anish Chaganti, who joined as a producer of “Wow,” also draws attention by greeting potential audiences as if making a direct video call.

He directly presents that “the definitive clue to finding my mother is a voicemail” and says it as if he is going to tell the story behind it, but at that moment, he’ r communication is cut off and he is unable to speak, drawing laughter. .

“You can never make spoilers for the audience! Please stop spoilers for everyone.” We asked you to join the NO SPOILER campaign in the hope that you will have more fun watching the show.

Meanwhile It proves its position as a global blockbuster by updating its overwhelming box office score every day, surpassing the previous one.

Thanks to such a hot response, explosive interest continues even before the release in Korea, linking the first part. It makes us look forward to the box office syndrome.

A film that raises expectations for a new story by announcing the start of a full campaign NO spoiler will be released on February 22 (Wednesday).

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