Preview 'Good Omens'; Season 1: With Armageddon wheels moving, all hope lies in an angel and daemon

Preview 'Good Omens'; Season 1: With Armageddon wheels moving, all hope lies in an angel and daemon

'Good Omens' starts; Neil Gaiman with a lesson in history, type. Frances McDormand gives her voice to God and gives us an insight into what happened when the Earth was created. She also tells us that the end is inevitable.

So, the story of Aziraphale's angel (played by Michael Sheen) and demonist Crowley (David Tennant's) who is catalysts for The End – begins to ensure that the Armageddon takes place. But things don't go according to plan.

The story begins with God McDormand explaining that it was about 6,000 years ago that Eve left Eden Garden with Adam, who had a flaming sword that gave him Aziraphale. It is also shown that Crowley wears the cursed apple to eat.

The injection goes into the culture of satellite nuns who are responsible for exchanging a newborn baby with the infant devil. The plan is that the young devil must return home with the American ambassador (launched by Nick Offerman). But the old kitchen promotes more things and the devil goes to the wrong family in the wrong town in a wrong town.

Aziraphale (played by Michael Sheen) and Crowley (played by David Tennant) in 'Good Omens'; (Image: Twitter)

Based on the novel 'Good Omens 1990': Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Nice Premiums and Accuracy Agnes Nutter, Witch & # 39, are the Amazon series of Prime Video Comedy about the birth of the son of Satan and the arrival of final times.

Even as Crowley and Aziraphale entrusted the responsibility to happily deny the two of them, they are too content with their lives on Earth and, therefore, they do not expect the upcoming war.

Having spent thousands of years living among the Earth's deaths, the duo is more complacent than their attitude to the war – they love the planet and all its beauty – natural and artificial. They also love people. One day, each of the Crowley tries to create chaos as Demon has to bring the network down in London because it gets people to fight the network trouble.

On the other hand, Aziraphale loves to eat food (one of his favorite ones is sushi), visiting restaurants where chefs know him, and living in the crowd like someone else.

After administrative progress through Chattering Order of St. James Beryl, a satanic command of regular women who were entrusted with a baby change with the Antichrist, Aziraphale and Crowley must now come together to ensure that the war was … not happen.

Together, they try to put an end to the closing times.

It is not surprising that the Hell demons are looking forward to the war, but Aziraphale does not understand why Heaven is so bent (see what we did there).

Like Archangel Jon Hamm, Gabriel puts it, a war must happen to them to win it. Gabriel is leader of the forces of Heaven – and he is too hard on Aziraphale from being an angel.

Fun fact: Gabriel was mentioned only as a character in the original novel written by Gaiman and Pratchett. It was intended that the role in the sequence would be developed for the book – never before. So Gaiman planned parts of the plot of the sequence into the television series.

So now that the great war has been eliminated in 'Game of Thrones'; – and there is too much disappointment now – we have the Armageddon in 'Good Omens'; now we look forward to it.

We hope it will offer funny relief.


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