Preview of AFC Champions League 2022 (Live Football Link)

  • list : AFC Champions League 2022 Group Stage Group G Sixth Match
  • Matches: BG Pathum United VS Chunnam Dragons
  • Day / business hours of the competition : Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.
  • stadium : Pathum Thani Stadium
  • Live broadcast : ELEVEN SPORTS

readiness condition BG Pathum United

“The Rabbit” showed a very good form in this show. This time, it is the top of the table with 11 points with the results of playing 5 matches, winning 3, drawing 2, not losing anyone. The latest game, Melbourne City 0-0, exhausting enough.

Ready before going into the field, there will be no peace of mind. The other core still together Can arrange a large set to fight and feel

It is expected that Japanese coach Makoto Teguramori will send Teerasil Dangda and Ikhsan Fandi as a pair of forwards, while in the middle, Sarat Yuyen and Worachit Kanitsribampen are the drivers of the game while the defensive line Andres Tunez and Irrfan Fandi form the backline.

readiness condition Chunnam Dragons

Chunnam Dragons, the famous team from the K League 2 battle, this time is still holding on to the 3rd place of the table. This match must be invaded to hope to win in order to stick to the quota group in the next round. The team’s form is considered not bad, playing 5 games, winning 2, drawing 1, losing 2, is in 3rd place in the group.

The condition of the team before playing this match There is almost no problem at all. The main character is still together.

It is expected that the team’s coach, Jon Kyung-jun, will make a move by allowing Kosovo striker Leonard Paplana to hunt the net, including In Hyuk Park, Yuhe Sato and Nika. Katcharawa will be the main force in this game.

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List of 11 players expected to enter the field

BG Pathum United : Kittiphong Phuthuachueak (GK), Andres Tunez, Irrfan Fandi, Santiphap Channong, Ernesto Amantegi Phumpha, Sarat Yuyen, Chaowat Weerachat, Pathomphon Charoenrattanapirom, Worachit Kanitsribamphen, Teerasil Dangda, Ikhsan Fandi

Chunnam Dragons : Kim Da Sol (GK), Han Ho Gang, Jung Sun Hyuk, Go Tae Won, Jung Ho Yin, Yoo Hee Sato, Lee Seok Hoon, Son Gun Lee, Nika Kashcharawa, In Hyuk Park, Leonard Paplana

Performance of the last 5 matches

BG Pathum United

  • 27/04/22 Draw Melbourne City 0-0 (Central) AFC Champions League
  • 24/04/22 Draw Chunnam Dragons 1-1 (Central) AFC Champions League
  • 21/04/22 Won Chunnam Dragons 2-1 (Central) AFC Champions League
  • 18/04/22 Won United City 3-0 (Central) AFC Champions League
  • 15/04/22 Draw BG Pathum 1-1 (Away) AFC Champions League

Chunnam Dragons

  • 27/04/22 Won United City 2-0 (Central) AFC Champions League
  • 24/04/22 Draw Melbourne City 1-1 (Central) AFC Champions League
  • 21/04/22 Lost Melbourne City 1-2 (Central) AFC Champions League
  • 18/04/22 lost to BG Pathum 0-2 (centre) AFC Champions League
  • 15/04/22 Won United City 1-0 (Central) AFC Champions League

The results of the two teams meeting

  • BG Pathum United beat Chunnam Dragons 2-0 (centre) AFC Champions League


Chunnam Dragons won the Korean FA Cup, the form is still poor. This match must be won alone. to stock up on points to be in the quota to play in the next round

As for “The Rabbit”, the group’s leader continues to perform well. It is expected that this match should use the reserve players to rotate enough. If this game can be won, there will be a chance to get into the next round will be more clear.

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If comparing the overall team potential, the players and the form of play, “The Rabbit” is still superior and has played in a familiar place. This game may not be offensive as much. to prevent injuries to players different from the Chunnam team hoping to finish the score quickly But probably can’t do much. This game should have a draw effect for each point.

expected score

BG Pathum United 0-0 Chunnam Dragons

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