Pride award! “Dangkongfa” ONE Athlete Wins the 2022 Asia Kickboxing Championship

“Dangkongfah Banchamek”, a young combat boxer A student of Muay Thai legend “Buakaw Banchamek” won the title of champion in the Asian Kickboxing Championship, the program “2022 Asian Kickboxing Confederation Championships” held during December 10-18, 2022 at the Sports West Building 1, Bangkok Youth Center. (Thai-Japanese)

“Dao Kong Fah”, a Muay Thai athlete under ONE, after only finishing his second fight in the ONE 164 fight last November. He turned to gain experience in the field of kickboxing as a representative of the Thai national team in the amateur Asian Kickboxing Championships. which has representatives of athletes from 5 countries across Asia taking part in the competition
by “Dang Kong Fah” shows an excellent performance Breaking through the drifting barriers to the finals and finally managed to beat Vietnamese competitors to win the championship title in the Low Kick 52 kg category, which is considered another award of pride after winning the bronze medal from the SEA Games in the same category last year.

“I am very happy. because he is proving his skill in kickboxing Especially having to compete as a representative of the national team as well. From now on, he would be preparing for next year’s SEA Games in Cambodia. But still waiting about the program of ONE, I have to see again if I can fight in ONE before going to the SEA Games or not.
2For a performance in UN, “Dangkong Fah” competed in two fights in Muay Thai rules Atom Weight (115 lbs.) In the first match, he had to meet a tough line from the country of perfume “Anissa Mexen” in October . And the next match was against Thai WBC Muay world champion “Lara Fernandez” from the land of fierce bulls.

Even the 21-year-old Muay Thai girl has not been able to collect victory points in the last two fights. But he is still determined to improve his skills and try to reach the ONE Muay Thai World Championship as planned.
3“For now in UN, I would like to focus on the rules of Muay Thai. and looking to collect the first win As for the future, will he cross the line into kickboxing or not? You’ll have to wait and see.”

Fans can keep up to date with the Dang Kong Fah and ONE tournament schedule on the ONE Championship Thailand Facebook page, and ONEChampTh’s Instagram