Prime Minister Han Deok-soo’s appointment bill passed by the National Assembly… Jeong Ho-young?

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The National Assembly held a plenary session today and passed a motion for appointment as Prime Minister Han Deok-soo.

The Democratic Party, which initially focused on the rejection side, decided on the party opinion by passing it at the general assembly just before the plenary session.

Let’s go to Parliament.

Reporter Min-chan Kim! Prime Minister Han Deok-soo’s approval bill was passed a while ago?

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Yes, the plenary session of the National Assembly ended a little while ago.

The result of the confirmation vote for Prime Minister Han Deok-soo’s candidate was 208 in favor, 36 against, and 6 abstentions.

It was passed 47 days after President Yoon Seok-yeol nominated a candidate.

Prior to the plenary session, at the general meeting of the members of the House of Representatives to decide the Democratic Party argument, there was a controversial discussion for three hours.

Initially, the Democratic Party leadership and a number of first-time lawmakers were negative about the approval of Han Deok-soo’s candidacy.

So, at the beginning of the National Assembly, there was also an argument that we should postpone the vote instead of voting today.

However, the local elections, which are just 10 days away, were a burden.

There were many lawmakers who were concerned about a headwind of public sentiment that the new government would hold back.

It seems that Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the permanent election, and other candidates for local elections, urged them to approve it, played a decisive role.

In the end, the party was decided by voting, and it was said that the votes were slightly more.

The Democratic Party announced that they made a great victory decision, but let’s listen to the story of Ho-jung Yun, the vice chairman.

[윤호중/더불어민주당 공동비대위원장]

“This is to make it clear that our opposition has no intention of hindering or recklessly hindering the launch of the new government.”

However, it was decided to approve the motion for appointment, but it was made clear that one candidate was ineligible.

He emphasized that although he was an unqualified candidate, he was the first prime minister of the new government and that he had gathered opinions in order to ensure a smooth start for the Yun Seok-yeol administration.

He also announced that he would continue to push for the Han Deok-Soo Prevention Act.

After the general assembly, some Democratic lawmakers protested, saying they were frustrated and abstained.

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Since the Prime Minister’s approval bill was passed today, the confrontation between the political circles could be somewhat resolved.

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Yes, right now, the people’s power is ‘self-determination’, but it is welcomed.

Listen to the spokesperson for yourself.

[박형수/국민의힘 원내대변인]

“I pay tribute to the Democratic Party’s blitzkrieg cooperation in the Prime Minister’s approval, and I hope that this spirit of cooperation will shine in the process of dealing with a number of pending issues in the future…”

What is left now is the fate of Chung Ho-young, a candidate for Minister of Health and Welfare, whose appointment has been put on hold.

I have been arguing that, on the surface, the passport issue is separate from the approval of Prime Minister Han Deok-soo candidate and Jeong Ho-young candidate.

However, it does not seem easy to enforce the appointment of Ho-young Jeong, which the Democratic Party opposed to the end, after the approval of Prime Minister Han Deok-soo was passed.

It would be like pouring cold water into the difficultly created thawing atmosphere.

After the Democratic Party leaned in favor of approval, the people’s power also declined to comment on the future of Candidate Ho-young Jeong, saying, “I have conveyed a lot of the party’s opinions.”

Whether it is voluntarily resigning or withdrawing the nomination is expected to come to a conclusion sooner or later.

So far, this is Kim Min-chan from MBC News in the National Assembly.

Video coverage: Song Rok-pil, Jang Jae-hyeon / Video editing: Choi Seung-ho

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