Prime Minister Narendra Modi Signals Name Change from India to Bharat: What it Means for the Country

Potential Name Change for India: Prime Minister Urges Shift to ‘Bharat’

In a remarkable move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed intentions to change the name of India to ‘Bharat’, as he referred to the country as ‘Bharat’ in an official invitation extended to world leaders attending the G20 summit. Foreign media reports suggest that this endeavor, endorsed by the Indian government, aims to adopt ‘Bharat’, an ancient Sanskrit term, as the new moniker for India.

The dinner invitation sent by the Indian government to the visiting leaders attending the G20 summit, scheduled to take place in New Delhi from September 9-10, 2023, has sparked a global discussion. Instead of addressing the President of India, the invitation addresses Mrs. Terapdi Murmu as the President of ‘Bharat’. This strategic move seeks to promote a sense of national identity.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been advocating for the change, arguing that ‘India’ bears the remnants of British colonial rule and represents a symbol of slavery. India’s struggle for independence from British rule concluded in 1947, and supporters of the name change assert that adopting ‘Bharat’ can symbolize a break from this painful period in history.


6 September 2023 11:17 am

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated an attempt to change the name of the country from India to ‘Bharat’, stating the name of the country as ‘Bharat’ in the invitation to dinner. addressed to leaders of countries attending the G20 summit in India

foreign media reports The Indian government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has signed an attempt to change the country’s name from India to ‘Bharat’ by taking the country’s name from India to Bharat, the ancient Sanskrit language. in the dinner invitation that the Indian government has invited to the leaders of the country who traveled to attend the G20 summit held by India in New Delhi Between September 9-10, 2023, until it creates doubt from people around the world.

In the said invitation, the government of India said in the invitation that Mrs. Terapdi Murmu, the President of Bharat. instead of the President of India inviting national leaders Join us for dinner while attending the G20 Summit in New Delhi. On Saturday, September 9, 2023, while the leaders of the countries that will attend the meeting, such as US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron

The word Bharat is an ancient Sanskrit word. used in Indian history textbooks The Bharatiya Janata Party, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has supported changing the country’s name from India to Bharat, pointing out that the name India is British. India’s former colonial rulers used it as a symbol of slavery. or a British colony that ruled India for about 200 years until India gained its independence in 1947.

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