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Prime Minister of South Korea is trendy, talk to people live through the Clubhouse app

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“Clubhouse” One of the most popular voice chat apps around the world. It is not only a platform for discussion on various issues, but it has also become one of the channels for country administrators to listen to and communicate issues directly with the people. Chung Sye-kyun Prime Minister of South Korea Has joined the Clubhouse app conversation called @gyunvely This resulted in him becoming the world’s first high-ranking politician to use this app to communicate with people.

The account of the prime minister of South Korea was created on February 14 with an introduction message (Bio) written in Korean means “The yellow jacket” refers to the color of the uniforms worn by Korean politicians during the country’s crisis.

The report said Prime Minister Chong was in a conversation on Clubhouse with Jung Chong Rae, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, the ruling party The two have been discussing for hours on issues such as real estate price issues. Sexual assault Until the question that the audience Is this the real prime minister or not? However He sees the app This one form of voice chat Allows everyone to talk without having to plan before. And seen as a better channel of conversation than any other form of social media Especially during the need to maintain social distance

Until now, the Prime Minister’s account South Korea still has around 700 followers while he has only around 200 accounts of other Clubhouse accounts.

“Has anyone ever tried a clubhouse? Has anyone mistaken the meaning of the golf clubhouse? I heard that this app is hot, I often go to play during the night. I was a little shocked by the unexpected question and reaction. But this new experience is fun. I think will participate from time to time in the future. It’s an app that we all don’t have to reserve. “ The Prime Minister of South Korea stated through a message on Facebook.

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As for the app, Clubhouse has continued to gain popularity around the world since its release last year. Up to now, it has been downloaded more than 8 million times, especially for many important people, including business people Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk To famous politicians like Former prime minister Najib Razak Of Malaysia joined the conversation on the app As well

Various platforms “leaders” communicate people

Prime Minister Chung Se Gyun became the world’s first government leader to officially use the Clubhouse app to communicate with the people. Like other national leaders That use social media in various platforms as a means of communicating people As President of the United States The official White House social media accounts such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are often used as their primary means of communication with the public. But after Joe Biden took over as US leader It launched “A Weekly Conversation”, a video-style program on YouTube and Facebook where Biden uses the phone to talk to people from various circles. In the first three-minute episode of the show, US leaders spoke with Michelle Volkurt, a woman who was laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is the first time that the President of the United States. Choose to use social platforms as your primary way to publish your weekly programs. That has been reduced to formality, but can still be used to raise awareness and spread the president’s message.

Earlier during the campaign, Joe Biden also hosted a program through a podcast called “HERE’S THE DEAL”, who spoke with experts from a wide range of industries on topics such as COVID-19 response, leadership and leadership. Of the president And climate change

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Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha took the opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year to bless the Thai people of Chinese descent on the TikTok platform on February 10, this is the first time for the Thai Prime Minister to use the platform. TikTok form communicates people directly From before this will be the prime minister’s team Use such channels to communicate to create public awareness.


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