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Prime Minister of Wrestling is satisfied through 3 days of bustling PAT Championship battle

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Movement of the Thailand Wrestling-Beach Final 2020 October 26 at the 1,000-seat Gymnasium, Amnat Charoen Stadium There are a total of 500 competitions from 9:30 AM to 9 PM. The atmosphere of the competition is full of fun. The field is cheering for each team.

Asst. Prof. Kittipas Suchantabutr, President of the Thai Wrestling Association said, “The Thailand Indoor Wrestling Championship has been past 3 days and the remaining 2 days will end and 29-30 October is Beach race treats It is very satisfactory. Athletes come from 62 clubs across the country, totaling 1,400 people. The first thought that the athletes should not exceed 800-900 people, so the association Need to find more accommodation to support athletes ready, the association has the power of a good turner, director of SAT Amnat Charoen Coordinate everything and make sure that the stadiums, accommodation, and parties in the province are all neat

More importantly, in this competition we had a large number of young athletes and different age groups, and there were enough good athletes. If these athletes are trained continuously The association has made arrangements to send foreign trainers at Turkish IlHan Association to advise the club to introduce future techniques and athletes who have qualified for this competition. The association will continue to collect the national team for Attending the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is scheduled to be held from late November to December 2021.

For the indoor competition on Tuesday 27 October, it will start from 9:30 onwards.

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