Prime Minister Pleasantly ‘Thai researchers’ developed medical devices to fight COVID over 2 years

Prime Minister praises Thai researchers Developing medical devices to cope with COVID, reducing imports, enhancing the country’s potential to become a Medical Hub

27 June 2022 – At the Government House, Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office revealed that under the policy to promote medical technology and innovation to support the region’s medical center and create stability in the public health system General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense have closely followed up on the invention of Thai people And most recently, he expressed his appreciation for researchers who have developed innovative results in health care. which is a product for prevention and control of infection Diagnosis and Care making Thailand ready to cope with COVID-19 in the last two years by the Science Promotion Fund research and innovation (AOT Promotion Fund) under the supervision of the Office of Science Promotion Board Research and Innovation (OSMEP) has allocated an overall supporting budget of more than 3 billion baht.

Ms. Ratchada said that examples of her work are as follows: 1. High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) has a production cost of approximately 50,000 baht per machine, while if imported. The price of each device is 200,000 – 250,000 baht, so the country can reduce imports by up to 150,000 baht per 1 device. Currently, more than 500 devices are delivered to hospitals nationwide, helping to reduce imports and reduce government costs by more than 75 million baht. This is a research project by Chulabhorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society (Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society or Chulabhorn Hospital. Chulabhorn Royal College) and Intronic Co., Ltd.

2.Covid test kit with color changing lamp method (RT-LAMP) to be installed and used at screening checkpoints at airports and hospitals. This rapid screening test gives results within 1 hour, which will help support more effective disease screening, leading to further epidemic control and prevention. It has been delivered to government agencies and distributed over 260,000 sets, worth approximately 65 million baht. It is a research project by Startup Company “Zenostic” Mahidol University.

3. “COVITECT-1” test kit with Real-Time RT PCR through international standards More than 500,000 kits have been delivered to the government sector, and 80,000 kits have been delivered to ASEAN member states, and have been sold to both government and private laboratories and hospitals. Reduce the import of products from abroad. In the year 2021, sales are about 190 million baht. Research results by collaboration between the Department of Medical Sciences and Siam Bioscience Co., Ltd.

4. Innomade blood collection tube Blood collection tubes are now a high-volume medical device. This product was developed to replace imports and can continue to be exported. It is designed to replace the use of blood collection tubes from 2 tubes, suitable for chronic patients who need to draw blood frequently. and infectious disease patients The products are now certified to the ISO 13485 standard. If the use of self-made medical products will reduce the importation of blood collection tubes each year. It is worth more than 2,700 million baht. Research results by Asst. Prof. Dr. Wanwisa Tribuphonchatsakul Naresuan University and We Made Lab Center Co., Ltd.

“Under the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic since 2019, it has now resulted in over 500 million infected people worldwide. In the beginning, there was a shortage of medical equipment, whether it was raw materials, equipment, medical materials that could not be imported or produced in time to meet the demand. The Prime Minister therefore discussed with all relevant agencies to consider adjusting the management plan. To contribute to supporting the development and design of products for infection prevention and control. Diagnosis and Care To elevate Thailand to be ready to deal with Covid-19 and over the past 2 years of the dedicated work of Thai researchers. has created many medical innovations It is a confirmation of Thai people’s abilities. and readiness to become a medical center in the region,” said Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office.

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