Prime Minister strengthens development partnership with India

On January 12, 2023 at 11:30 am, General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Address the Opening Ceremony of the Voice of the South Summit under the theme “Voice of developing countries towards people-centred development (Voice of the South: For Human-Centred Development)” through a teleconference system At the invitation of Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, by Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri, Deputy Secretary General to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs acting as spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office Summarized as follows:

The Prime Minister thanked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the subject. “People-centred development” It was appropriately organized in the current context that people are facing epidemics and climate change. International political tensions, inflation, and food and energy crises have caused “The Greatest Cost of Living Crisis of the 21st Century” which has a serious impact on vulnerable groups, in order to cope with the challenges developing countries must work together. The Prime Minister has proposed 3 ideas for India, as the chair of the G20, to be the spokesperson for pushing the global economy towards “A Human-Centered Era of Globalization” Sustainable and more comprehensive as follows:

1. We must seek a holistic development approach that can help cope with 3 global crises: climate change; Biodiversity Loss and Pollution to Drive Post-COVID-19 Crisis Growth Aim for greater balance in all dimensions. by the basic concept of BCG Thai and the concept “Eco-friendly lifestyle” All India’s intentions are to promote living in harmony with nature. as well as conducting business with more responsibility and adhering to good governance

In addition, Thailand encourages developing countries to build on the success of COP 27, which is considered a COP meeting where developing countries play a leading role. and reiterated the need for additional funding to tackle climate change. as well as investing in the development and use of low carbon technologies at reasonable prices.

2. Thailand recognizes the urgent need to work together to drive the development pattern towards improving the welfare of the people. The First Minister reaffirms support for funding to support the universal health insurance system. Promote education of equal quality Create a sustainable food system and stimulate a fair energy transition. leave no one behind Thailand appreciates India’s role in this and is ready to share best practices and innovative solutions. through a South-South and tripartite cooperation framework on capacity building for medical research. and the strength of local communities in preparing to deal with emerging epidemics.

3. Strengthen resilience to cope with uncertainty and crises in the future, especially crises in food, energy and fertilizer Volatility in market prices has affected the livelihood of millions of households. Developing countries need to improve the resilience of their supply chains. crisis management, and the G20 should develop a global mechanism to help developing countries gain access to affordable food, energy and fertiliser. In addition, Thailand, as Chair of BIMSTEC for 2023, is ready to work with India to promote digital connectivity in infrastructure, maritime, energy and more in the Bay of Bengal region.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister said Thailand is ready to deepen its development partnership with India as Chair of G20, comprehensively protecting the common interests of developing countries. in order to bring sustainable and strong mutual prosperity for future generations

The Voice of the South Summit is India’s initiative as G20 Chair to provide an opportunity and platform for non-G20 developing countries to reflect and exchange views on global challenges. which developing countries experience and find responsible and inclusive development solutions. The results will be discussed at the G20 Leaders’ Meeting later this year.


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