Prime Minister urges people to cooperate in saving The government continued to monitor energy prices.

government spokesman The Royal Thai Government issued measures to help continuously reduce energy prices. Minimize impact on people as much as possible for Thailand to pass through the crisis

29 May 2022 – Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the government under the leadership of General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Emphasis is placed on solving the problem of the fuel price situation where the world oil price is still rising. affecting the global economy, including Thailand. The Prime Minister has always had a policy and monitored the implementation of measures to help people from the energy price situation. In the past, the Ministry of Energy has continuously issued measures to help people. to reduce costs in the energy sector from the end of 2021 to the present and even the energy price situation In particular, the price of oil remained at a high level. But it is prepared to issue measures to help reduce the impact on the people along with accelerating economic recovery. for Thailand to return to normal as soon as possible

A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said The Ministry of Energy reported that from the situation of rising oil prices since the end of last year which is caused by many reasons whether it is economic recovery after the Covid-19 crisis causing the demand for energy to increase rapidly Including the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that occurred during the past February. As a result, many countries in Europe, the United States and some Asian countries use economic sanctions As a result, the price of energy in almost every country has increased considerably. Inevitably affect the economy and inflation in many countries.

In the past, crude oil prices rose from $70 per barrel. In early December 2021 it was $140 per barrel. in early March and at the current level (26 May 65) at $114 per barrel. Throughout the period since the end of 2021, the Ministry of Energy has continuously issued measures to help since October 2021, such as reducing the collection of funds for the fuel fund. Reducing the proportion of biodiesel blend in diesel fuel as well as asking for cooperation from oil traders to reduce marketing costs

The Ministry of Energy also reported that In terms of fixing the price of diesel fuel Since diesel fuel is the cost of producing goods, services and transportation, the Ministry of Energy has fixed the diesel price at 30 baht per liter from October 2021 until 30 April 2022 and increased to 32 baht per liter since May 1. Always use the fuel fund mechanism to subsidize. Currently, there is a subsidy of 5.43 baht per liter of diesel fuel, as well as a reduction in the collection of excise tax on diesel fuel by 5 baht per liter according to the Cabinet resolution. which measures to subsidize oil prices by using the oil fund As a result, the liquidity of the fuel fund in the oil group has paid out 295 million baht per day or approximately 9,172 million baht per month (estimated data for May 65), making the fund position. (Oil list) as of May 22, 65, negative more than 41 billion baht.

Biodiesel blending in diesel fuel It is a government policy which promotes the use of clean energy Reduce greenhouse gas emissions It is environmentally friendly, reduces dust, and also helps stabilize farmers’ crop prices from falling. have a stable income And in energy, it is considered to support the use of energy that can be produced within the country. Reduce dependence on oil imports from abroad. But at present, the price of biodiesel is quite high. The Ministry of Energy has issued measures to reduce the proportion of biodiesel blends in diesel fuel. which has been continuously adjusted to reduce the cost of diesel fuel which at present The biodiesel mixture was temporarily downgraded to B5 during the high price of B100, effective 5 Feb. to 30 Jun 20.

In addition, the Ministry of Energy has also implemented a project to mitigate the impact of gasoline prices. for public motorcyclists (WinSafe Project) by supporting a limit to pay for petrol to motorcyclists who hold a public motorcycle license in the amount of 50 percent of the gas cost (half each), but not more than 50 baht per person per day and not more than 250 baht per person per month There are 39,990 participants in the project and there are 1,687 gas stations confirmed to join the project (as of May 23, 2022). The price of oil in Thailand is the highest in ASEAN. In fact, when comparing oil prices in neighboring countries Found that the price of Thai oil is not more expensive than neighboring countries. Thailand’s oil prices are in the mid-to-low range. The average gasoline price in ASEAN (as of May 23, 2022), Singapore gasoline is 81.11 baht/liter, Laos is 61.68 baht/liter, the Philippines is 48.42 baht/liter, Cambodia is 47.90 baht/liter, Vietnam is 44.58 baht/liter. Thailand is at 42.95 baht/liter while Singapore diesel is at 75.62 baht/liter, Philippines is at 48.32 baht/liter, Laos is at 47.13 baht/liter, Cambodia is at 46.63 baht/liter, Indonesia is at 43.89 baht/liter, Myanmar is at 42.16 baht/liter Vietnam is 39.63 baht/liter Thailand is 31.94 baht/liter

“Confirm that in the past The government by the Ministry of Energy has continuously issued measures to help support energy prices. and will continue to operate at full capacity Coordinate with all relevant agencies to reduce the impact that occurs on the people as much as possible. and during the high energy price situation The Prime Minister has reiterated the request for cooperation from the people to use all kinds of energy economically. in order for Thailand to be able to pass through this energy crisis. The government will continue to help people who are least affected,” said a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office.

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