Prime Minister’s Office ‘Partygate’ report to be released soon, Johnson faces new pressure to resign – BBC News

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British Prime Minister Johnson has repeatedly faced allegations of illegal gatherings during the epidemic, which has caused great dissatisfaction at the social level. Protest placard satirizes Johnson: No one told me! real or fake?

The United Kingdom is about to release an internal investigation report into the Prime Minister’s Office suspected of violating the new crown epidemic prevention regulations by holding multiple gatherings, and Prime Minister Johnson is facing new pressure to resign.

In the Prime Minister’s Questions and Answers in the British Parliament on Wednesday (January 26), Johnson once again stated that he will not resign, while the leader of the largest opposition Labour Party, Sir Starmer, criticized Johnson’s gathering in Downing Street during the epidemic, and he was not open to the public. “Do the best you can with contempt”.

Whether or not Johnson will resign is largely not up to him, but depends on his support in the ruling Conservative Party. The forthcoming release of the “Grey Inquiry” will greatly affect the confidence of Conservative MPs in him.

It is worth mentioning that the London police have also announced an investigation into the violations of laws and regulations by government officials and staff during the epidemic.



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