Prince Harry did not sing ‘God Save the King’ at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: Strong criticism

London : Allegation against Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral Prince Harry was accused of taking an unhappy attitude at the ceremony, which was attended by 20,000 people at Westminster Abbey. There is also criticism that Harry did not sing the national anthem. The video has also been released.

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Critics say Prince Harry did not sing the song ‘God Save the King’, which the royal family sings together. With the exception of Prince Harry, other members of the royal family are now widely distributed on social media. Hari is criticized on social media for being rude to the Queen.

Some have pointed out that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, looks around and doesn’t often say words. His behavior has led to widespread debate.

However, some have come out in favor of Harry. The justification for some is that Harry can be seen singing and there is no need to criticize so much. People also point out that Edward didn’t sing it either.

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