‘Principal’ showcases ‘Principal provident fund balance by age’

‘Principal’ showcases ‘Principal provident fund balance by age’

Date 15 Mar. 2022 time 19:19

‘Principle’ showcases ‘Principal provident fund balance by age’ reinforcing its success in winning the Pooled Fund award for 4 consecutive years

Mrs. Pajaree Bunyattiti Deputy Managing Director Business Development provident fund business and private funds Principal Asset Management Company Limited revealed that since the establishment of the Registered Provident Fund of Principal Target Date Retirement from the 3rd quarter of 2014 to the present, the Asset Management Company Limited lisbon It has been well received by a large number of employers. Currently, the fund size is almost 10 billion baht, with a total of 285 employers, including 31,977 members. The Target Date investment plan is designed to meet the needs of members with different retirement years. From members who started working until near retirement age Members choose an investment plan according to the year they retire. The fund manager will then be responsible for asset class selection and strategic asset allocation. Strategic short-term portfolio adjustments according to market conditions ( Tactical Asset Allocation) and rebalancing members’ investment portfolios by rebalancing and ensuring that members’ portfolios are appropriate for the increasing age and lower risk tolerance of members as well as their retirement. We also have an investment plan for our retired members. but trusts to deposit money to take care of the money by providing a portfolio to suit the retired members as well create great satisfaction for fund directors and members

Meanwhile, Principal Asset Management has been successful in fund management. It has been selected to receive the first prize in the Pooled Fund category with a fund size of less than 10 billion baht from the Outstanding Provident Fund Contest for 3 consecutive years (2017-2019) and won the runner-up award in 2020. (Announcement of the year 2021). The award reflects the expertise and efficiency of provident fund management.

Principal Asset Management is the first management company in Thailand. Established a provident fund that has a balanced policy according to age (Target Date Retirement Fund) with a track record of more than 5 years of operation. It is featured in a variety of investment policies for members to choose from, divided into 6 Target Date policies for 6 groups of members. according to the age range and the appropriate risk level, covering from the age of inception to retirement with fund managers choosing to mix investment proportions Serves to adjust the port to suit the age of the members. Focus on diversifying investments in a variety of assets, including debt securities, Thai equity securities, foreign equity securities real estate and gold

“Members can choose their own retirement-based investment plan only one time for the first time. No need to switch investment plans by yourself Then there will be a fund manager to take care of adjusting the investment ratio automatically. And when members retire, they also have a Target Date Post Retirement investment plan to support them as well. In addition, members with expertise in investment allocation also have 8 Target Risk plans that can choose to mix their investments by themselves,” Ms. Pajaree said that Principal Asset Management Company Limited is one of the Principal Group, a global financial services group with expertise in retirement savings for more than 140 years. It has received many investment awards from the Morningstar Award, Money & Banking Magazine Award for many years in a row It also received a service award from the Fund Selector Asia Awards 2021, while also offering other services. To facilitate employers and employees who are members of the Principal Balanced by Age Registered Provident Fund, for example, Provident Fund Analytical Report service for employer companies to survey their corporate and financial health, Plan WISE Retire WELL service, tools. To help members make proper financial planning through the website and Principal Provident Fund Application, there is also a public relations service to educate about retirement savings and close investment to directors and provident fund members online and onsite




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