prithviraj aadujeevitham: How far has ‘sheep life’ come ?; Prithviraj with the slightest hint of that long awaited reply! – prithviraj sukumaran gives hint that ‘aadujeevitham’ next schedule to begin soon


  • ‘Aadujeevitham’ is the biggest project of Prithviraj’s career.
  • The information is that the rest of the sheep are getting ready for the schedule.

Prithviraj is currently busy shooting for Shaji Kailas’ Tiger. Images from the film’s location went viral on social media. The recently released teaser also received huge applause. It is learned that after completing the shooting of the film, Prithviraj is all set to complete the rest of his sheep’s schedule next time. ‘Aadujeevitham’ is the biggest project of Prithviraj’s career. Prithviraj had lost a lot of weight for the first scheduled shoot of his life as a goat directed by Blessy. He had earlier said in interviews that Prithviraj had to endure a lot of physical hardships for this film.

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Now Prithviraj’s words shared with the film on social media are getting attention. In his post, Prithviraj hints that the next schedule of ‘Aadu Jeevitham’ will start soon. Prithviraj has given this hint by sharing a mirror selfie showing his muscles taken on the phone in the gym. According to Prithviraj, the increase was around 10 kg for the ‘tiger’. At the same time, Prithviraj says that he needs to lose some weight for the movie ‘Aadujeevitham’.

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The film is based on Benjamin’s novel Aadujeevitham. This is what Blessy had previously said about her film. It was about 11 years ago that I first thought about making a movie about a sheep. Blessy had earlier said that he and I had discussed with journalist and short story writer VK Ravi Varma Thampuran how film scripts were prepared from the literary works of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, Muttathu Varkey and P Kesavadev in the 70s and 80s.

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We realized that in the world of cinema, such works of art have immense visual potential. But we also realized that it was so difficult to turn a literary work into a screen. That’s how I started reading Life of a Sheep, and so I decided to give the content of that novel a cinematic experience, ”Blessy said.



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