Private Banking Kasikorn Bank in 2021 aims to generate returns of 5%

Mr. Jirawat Supornpaiboon Chief Executive Private Banking Kasikornbank Public Company Limited revealed that the asset management for private banking customers in the next year 2021 has set a goal of generating a return of at least 5% per year. Keep growing Especially for Asian stocks and stocks that change with economic cycles. As for investors who like to invest in debt instruments Focusing on investing in emerging countries By setting a target for assets managed to grow 10-15% from the current 806,741 million baht.

“Next year the investment risk has not disappeared. You need to balance your investment portfolio. Investing in gold is still a key ingredient. And should avoid investing in assets denominated in US dollars. Or if you want to invest Must close the exchange rate risk “

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For the world economy in the year 64 is likely to recover like Nike. While the policy of Mr. Joe Biden that the President of the United States. It is believed that it will not hinder trade in the world. Tourism Or the service sector Agree that it will begin to see a recovery in the second half of next year. It is also required to monitor the reduction of the economic stimulus in the second half of the year ’64 as it may affect the money market and capital markets.

Mr. Jirawat said that in 2020, Kasikornbank private banking There are 12,159 clients in total, 806,741 million baht in managed assets, divided into 543,732 million baht in investment assets, and the rest are deposits and investments in bonds. 3% per year

In addition, all investment assets It was an investment in the stock market of 102,934 million baht during the past March. A COVID-19 outbreak has occurred. The index of global stock markets plunged 30%. Shocked investors had suffered losses. The latest stock index rose 11% compared to the beginning of the year 63. The European stock index is still slightly negative. The Thai stock market index was negative 3%.

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