Private entrepreneurs in Pattaya ask the governor for permission to sell alcohol. in the blue zone

Entrepreneur, Private Sector, Pattaya City Joining forces in the middle of walking street to ask governor for permission to sell alcohol in the blue zone

According to the pub-bar business establishment in Pattaya. Affected by the epidemic of COVID-19 And still have to lose the opportunity to come back and expand the business during the end of the new year and welcome the new year, according to the Office of the Civil Service Commission, which has set the date for permission for establishments to sell alcohol and drink in the shop to be on January 16, 2022 before participating in the show trouble to the government to consider the city of Pattaya can sell alcohol like other blue zone colors

Recently, on December 3, 64, it was reported that the Walking Street Walking Street project in South Pattaya Hundreds of entrepreneurs and private businesses in Pattaya made an appointment to show their strength. for the government to be sympathetic especially the governor of Chonburi Province As chairman of the Communicable Disease Control Committee, Chonburi Province that can consider the relaxation measures in the area as appropriate to drive the local economy to come out to help the entrepreneurs In the urgent tourist city

In this regard, an opinion table was set up from representatives of the private sector to participate, comprising the Eastern Thai Hotels Association. Pattaya Business and Tourism Association Association of mixers and services Walking Street Traders Association and Pattaya City Tourism Pattaya Entertainment and Tourism Industry Association Pattaya Restaurant Club Jomtien Pattaya Entrepreneurs Club Pattaya Pub Bar Operators Club Pattaya Musicians Club Isan people in Pattaya and the Cafe and Bistro Club Pattaya

All have expressed their intentions to the government. have seen the suffering of entrepreneurs in the tourist city which is an industry that produces huge amounts of money for the country by Pattaya City It is considered a world-class tourist destination where foreign tourists come to relax. And the nature of tourists will have to drink and eat for fun and relaxation. I want the governor of Chonburi Province considered to find a way to help as soon as possible in order not to lose the opportunity for tourism The end of the old year to welcome the new year is coming.


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