“Private sector” mobilizes forces to overcome crisis, PTT spends 3 billion to fight COVID-19

“Private sector” joins hands through the Covid crisis during the year 63-65, PTT group spends 3,000 million baht to help organize equipment to prevent outbreaks. Support the one breath project Ready to push the Breath for Children project Reducing the impact of children leaving the education system

PTT Group also pushing for employment plans “Restarting Thailand during the period of the Covid-19 virus epidemic in 2020 which has spread in many areas throughout the country. And the world is facing together, Thailand has adopted policies such as the Work from Home Policy (FWH) to prevent the spread of the virus.

Many organizations have to close their businesses, leading to redundancies. economic slowdown The government has tried to implement measures to help through various projects, like half the people, we travel together. to stimulate domestic spending, etc., while large corporations came out to help in various ways, including PTT Company Limited (public)

Atthaphon Rerkpiboon CEO and President of PTT Public Company Limited said PTT Group It has an important mission to maintain energy security especially in times of crisis to ensure that there is no shortage in the electricity sector, the industrial sector, and the transport sector by being prepared to comply with the business continuity management plan. To prevent business interruption and prevent the public, including customers, partners from being affected by such incidents.

News reports from PTT Group indicate that from the Covid-19 crisis During March 2020, Thailand has a shortage of equipment such as alcohol and masks. PTT has provided and provided support to the hospital A total of 1.13 million liters of alcohol, 250,000 masks, support the budget and provide necessary medical equipment.

as well as developing and producing protective equipment from the Company’s products in PTT Group such as medical gowns Negative pressure transfer beds are given to hospitals and government agencies in need. General support 79 hospitals in 34 states

  • One breath to fight against COVID-19

While at the beginning of 2021, the third wave of epidemic cases has led to an increase in the number of seriously ill patients. PTT Group established a project”the same breath“Providing more than 400 ICU Ventilators and High Flow Nasal Oxygen machines, as well as providing liquid oxygen procurement budgets to hospitals in critical areas for treatment. COVID-19 patients both in Bangkok More than 300 perimeter and provincial locations nationwide

In addition, additional support in areas such as funding and equipment for the establishment of 7 field hospitals, as well as the provision of necessary medical equipment, which includes more than 825,000 medical masks, emergency COVID-19 testing kits (Antigen Test Kit) is totaling 50,000. sets and supported more than 16,000 survival kits for people to alleviate their initial suffering

Anyway PTT along with Bangkok Organize proactive mobile vaccination units in 4 major vulnerable and high-risk areas of Bangkok. especially those in the community, the disadvantaged, and labor groups in the areas that may find it difficult to access the healthcare system or have difficulty registering. and volunteers from Grŵp PTT employees to help facilitate More than 61,182 people have been vaccinated.

  • Medicine support – field hospital

PTT Group have supplied and imported remdesivir 2,000 bottles of anti-Covid-19 have been given to the government to help patients with COVID-19 especially among pregnant women or the patient is quite critical and imported to give another 10,000 bottles to the Thai Red Cross Society, as well as supplying and importing 1.2 million favipiravir tablets through cooperation with foreign partners through Innobic (Asia) Co., Ltd established to operate the Life Sciences business of the PTT Group

PTT, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health established a “comprehensive screening unit and field hospital (From End to End)” under the “One Breath Project, PTT Group” by screening units and integrated field hospitals (From End to End) to accommodate green patients, 1,000 beds, yellow beds 300. Red (ICU) 120 beds

However, between August 2021 and June 30, 2022, PTT has screened more than 138,284 people. When a patient at risk of infection is detected from ATK tests, RT-PCR will be confirmed and treated according to the level of symptoms Including the service for the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for those who come to use the screening service at EnTer and have never had any type of vaccine before. and treated a total of 14,228 patients.

  • The breath of our friends creates opportunities.

in addition PTT has closed one breath project On June 30, 2022, for a total of 1,004 days, it is considered comprehensive care for the people. When the situation was resolved, PTT started the project.brother’s breath“Due to the impact of COVID-19 which makes students and young people from low income households at risk of leaving the education system in the academic year 2022

atthaphon said Mr PTT start the project”brother’s breath“Organizing events Virtual Virtual PTT Encouraging people from all sectors to participate in a walk and run to raise money for youth education By setting a new record for accumulating a distance of 600,000 kilometers, taking only 6 days, PTT has donated 151 million baht to help more than 60,000 children and young people who are at risk of dropping out of the education system to return to school again in the semester of the academic year 2022

From the success of the first period PTT have extended the activities in phase 2 for people to join the mission”Keep up the good work with Godji“Running walking accumulated a total distance of 20 million steps, Godji. Establish an initial fund for Children and Young People in Emergency Education together with the Education Equality Fund (NESDB) totaling 20 million baht to take care of children and young people affected by unforeseen circumstances or factors, such as accidents, crimes for the family and the youth That puts them at risk of falling out of the education system. By creating participation, there were more than 93,061 participants in running walking activities, with a total distance of 7.42 million kilometers.

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