Priya AS Summer Holiday stories for Children-39

“Give me a piece of it,” said the green horse. Nina asked, “Aren’t you, Theratta, the wedding cat, the crow, and the rest of my dolls the guests of the doll’s birthday?”

Nina’s baby Lallu’s birthday.

Nina is the mother of the doll. Lallu’s father is working on a ship far away. His father could not come to Lallu’s birthday party.

So Nina is the only one to celebrate Lallu’s birthday. Does Lallu want a birthday dress? Nina made a birthday dress with the shawl of her mother’s old churidar.

Isn’t that how it is? She followed her mother and sewed a doll in the pattern seen in the magazine.

“I do not have time to sew a doll, do you know what else I have to do, baby?” Mother asked first.

Nina Appo cried as she wondered how I would celebrate my doll’s birthday without even having a new birthday dress.

Then my mother laughed. Together with her mother Neenu Vine, she opened her cupboard and searched for old shawls.

Nina loved a shawl with mirror work in blue. Nina said. Amma Lallu sewed a frock with a full sleeve that reached to the ankles. It hit Neenu Lallu.

The mother said that Lallu is a good fit and fits well.

Nina gave five honeycombs to her mother in exchange for her poor birthday dress.

Other dolls from Lallu’s birthday party. Some dolls dug into Nina and asked. What about my birthday?

Let’s look at the doll calendar and say, I’m in a hurry now. Lallu’s only birthday dress? Want to make a birthday cake? Neenu went out into the yard telling the other dolls that it was time for you all to come and cut her birthday cake.

“Oh, do I have to make a doll too?” Asked the mother with a smile.

It would not be right if the mothers of the children who own the dolls made the birthday cake. Neenu called her mother from the yard and asked her if she knew that it was the law of the world to make it for the children who own the dolls.

Then Neenu was lying on the ground. Then he started digging the soil with a spade.

“What are you doing here?” എന്നു പറഞ്ഞു.

I’m making a birthday cake for our lullaby. Neenu replied, “Let me make a cake for her instead of me.”

When it is wet enough, it is filled with soil and then folded over and made into a nice smooth clay loaf.

Theratta raised his head and asked, “Isn’t this Mannappa?” How can this be a cake? ”

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Neenu said that this is the birthday cake of the dolls. Then she began to cry. Manchadikuru, four o’clock, the petal of the water hyacinth, she arranged it on the bread.

After saying goodbye, a green horse came to see the doll.

“Give me a piece of it,” said the green horse. Nina asked, “Aren’t you, Theratta, the wedding cat, the crow, and the rest of my dolls the guests of the doll’s birthday?”

Then the green horse began to practice singing “Happy Birthday Lallu” in his sharp voice.

Nina went inside to prepare Lallu for her birthday.

She handed the rest of the dolls to tap the candle to stop stuffing in Lallu’s birthday cake.

The green horse and chariot in the yard started deliberating, what would Lallu give as a birthday gift?

Nina is now busy clapping her hands and calling the crows, saying it’s Lallu’s Birthday Celebration and matching Lallu’s birthday necklace.

Alas, we all forgot one thing, the dolls said to each other that they forgot to ask how much is Lallu’s birthday.

Knowing that, they have to decide how many candles they want for the birthday cake. They said to each other, “Let Nina’s be busy and then ask.”

Will not everyone come for Lallu’s birthday? Don’t forget, it’s exactly four o’clock in the evening.

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