Priyanka Annuncia Takes a Stand: Battling Human Trafficking in Thailand

Business Owner and Personal Trainer, Miss Universe Singapore 2023, Takes a Stand Against Human Trafficking in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – 26-year-old Ms Priyanka Annuncia, a successful entrepreneur, dedicated personal trainer, and the reigning Miss Universe Singapore, has recently spoken out about her unwavering commitment to combatting the abhorrent issue of human trafficking in Thailand.

With Thailand being a hotbed for human trafficking crimes, Ms Annuncia has tirelessly championed this cause, closely following and actively working towards its eradication for several years. Through her extensive efforts, she aims to raise awareness and create long-lasting change in a country that holds a special place in her heart.

“Thailand is not only a nation rich in culture but also home to incredibly kind-hearted people. It is here that I have found immense fulfillment in fighting against the heinous crime of human trafficking,” says Ms Priyanka.

Furthermore, Ms Annuncia’s commitment to this cause will reach greater heights as she represents her nation in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, scheduled to take place in El Salvador on November 18, 2023. The competition serves as a platform for her to raise global awareness and engage in meaningful discussions with other influential women from around the world.

With her indomitable spirit and dedication to making a positive impact, Ms Priyanka Annuncia stands tall as a beacon of hope, ready to tackle the pressing issue of human trafficking head-on.

Ms Priyanka Annuncia, 26-year-old business owner and personal trainer, Miss Universe Singapore 2023, has announced her fight against human trafficking in Thailand. which is at the center of human trafficking crimes and has followed this issue for many years

Ms Priyanka Wants to live in Thailand It is a culturally rich country with lovely people and a place where she has done the most meaningful work. That is the fight against human trafficking.

In addition, there will be representatives of beautiful women from Singapore. in the competition for the Miss Universe crown in El Salvador on November 18, 2023.

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