Priyanka Chopra describes directly on the photograph Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra has everything about * finally revealed to * Superbowl Jump itself and Nick Jonas (Picture: Getty Images)

Lastly resolved the secret behind * photo of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas together to watch the Superbowl.

Thanks, Jimmy Fallon.

A small audience was left with little anxiety and a bit of a feeling when they saw a photo sent by Priyanka that she was applying for Nick's husband's chest.

Surely the gentle shot was the one that melted, but the couple found themselves and the photo going through a virus after some of them say that a photographer has them around them to take cozy snaps.

Others went as long as they said that ‘attention-grab stunt was in the picture by the new people. Although, it seems a bit hard.

Jimmy Fallon decided to do some investigation and which would be better than Priyanka himself.

The actor was featured on The Tonight Show and eventually put everyone out of their horror, as she revealed that one of her cousins ​​had the photo attached to her and saw the honest moment and reached the camera.

She spread the exposure as the eye fire on Twitter, with many people joking that the social media site í was lying 'now and I knew the fault was honest, good.

Priyanka and Nick have been inseparable since they put the knot in December in a huge marriage which took place in India for several days.

But, the Baywatch actress has since acknowledged that she had a proper panic attack before I said.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Priyanka said: mé I was throwing out a minute correctly before I intended to walk down the aisle…

Díreach I just started having a panic attack. Then the doors opened and I saw [Nick] and I can not forget that moment. # 39;

Priyanka also showed why she chose to take her husband's name in another interview with Jimmy Fallon and argued that it was never a choice because she likes to be “traditional”.

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Gcónaí I always wanted to name the mine because I think we're going in a family, she explained. ‘I am a small traditional traditional school. '

As an Instagram official, she is now listed as Priyanka Chopra Jonas on her page.

Oh, fill our hearts.

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