PRM is gaining close to 5%, receiving BDI, surpassing 1,700 points, consensus target of 8.20 baht.

The reporter that today (September 21, 65) the share price Prima Marine Public Company Limited or PRM The latest at 15:10 at the level of 6.60 baht, plus 0.30 baht or 4.76%, the highest at 6.60 baht, the lowest at 6.25 baht, with a trading value of 69.99 million baht.

Shares in PRM rose on expectations that the BDI freight index closed at 1,729, up 176 points, or 11.33%.

partGloblex Securities Notified in the analysis (16 September 65) that there is a positive view on the outlook for the second half of the year 65 of PRM by Bloomberg Consensus, the price is right Bloomberg Consensus 8.20 baht. Expected profit for the year 65 around 1.17 billion baht, down 17% compared to the previous year

For the year’s revenue trend, revenue growth of around 10% compared to the previous year. For the rest of the year, revenue is expected to grow qoq. From the third quarter of 2022 onwards, there are 3 supporting factors which are 1) the expansion of the fleet by 3 more ships in the second half of 20, namely 2 domestic transport ships and 1 international transport ship; 2) Storage vessel business. petroleum (FSU) has a tendency to use more and 3) the tendency of lower oil prices, resulting in an improvement in % GPM.

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