‘Pro Basketball All-Star Game’ held after 2 years… Pocari Sweat adds enthusiasm for cheering

At the ‘2021-2022 KGC Ginseng Corporation Cheong Kwan Jang Professional Basketball All-Star Game’ held at Daegu Gymnasium on the 16th, Dong-A Otsuka CEO Jo Ik-seong presented a prize of 2 million won to Lee Kwan-hee, the winner of the Pocari Sweat 3-point shooting contest.

Dong-A Otsuka’s Pocari Sweat cheered for all-stars in professional basketball.

Pocari Sweat announced on the 17th that it had participated as an official beverage at the ‘2021-2022 KGC Ginseng Corporation Cheong Kwan Jang Professional Basketball All-Star Game’ held at Daegu Gymnasium on the 16th.

This professional basketball All-Star Game was held for the first time in two years in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), so various events and attractions were prepared. The players added to the excitement of the field with an off-site event where they directly communicate with the fans, and ‘Team Heo Woong’ and ‘Team Heo Hoon’, who were selected through the All-Star Draft, fought fiercely.

On this day, the ‘Pocari Sweat 3-point shooting contest’ was held to determine the best shooter in the KBL. In the contest, Lee Kwan-hee (Changwon LG) defeated Heo Woong (Wonju DB) 19-12 to win the championship. Dong-A Otsuka awarded the winner Lee Kwan-hee a cash prize of 2 million won.

In addition, Dong-A Otsuka added heat by preparing various events for basketball fans watching the All-Star Game. Pocari Sweat Goods Kit was presented as a prize to 10 on-site basketball fans who participated in the electronic signboard quiz event and cheering event. The Pocari Sweat label and transparent plastic bottle are separated and thrown out, and the cap is thrown into the basketball hoop to present a prize upon goal. The separation event conveyed a message of environmental protection.

Ha Jung-tae, sports marketing manager at Dong-A Otsuka, said, “As it was the first KBL All-Star Game in two years, basketball fans were very excited to participate in various events prepared by Pocari Sweat. We are also holding an event where uniforms are provided as gifts, so we hope many basketball fans will apply.”

Meanwhile, Dong-A Otsuka plans to provide 10 million won worth of pocari sweats and sporting goods to basketball students from six schools in Daegu where the All-Star Game was held with KBL.

Reporter Woo-yeol Yoon, [email protected]



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