Pro Tiger hits 17 under par, leading the Thailand Mix to close the season at Aquella

Pro Tiger hits 17 under par, leading the Thailand Mix to close the season at Aqualla

“Pro Tiger” Wichayapat Sinsang, a 24-year-old golfer from Nakhon Ratchasima. Turning the situation over to lead singles with a total score of 17 under par 127, Golf Thailand Mix, hosted by Trust Golf, close season match, winning a prize of 5 million baht, the champion received 750,000 baht at Aquella Golf and Country Club. Phang Nga, par 72, with “Nong TK” Ratchanon Chantananuwat amateur golfer from Bangkok, the leader from the first round After just one stroke, while “Pro April” Chanoknan Angkuraserani, a 17-year-old girl from Saraburi, is a young professional golfer with the best results, ranking 6th, joining a total score of 12 under par 132.

Trust Golf organizes the Trust Golf Tour 2021 under the name “Thailand Mix Hosted by Trust Golf” with support from Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), National Sports Development Fund and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Bangkok Bank, B. Grimm Company, Bond Holdings Company, AIS Play, Bridgestone, Trust Pharmacy, Trust Live Streaming, Phrae Situation Management Center Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CDC), Aqualla Golf Resort and Country Club and Sor. Khon Kaen, this field is the 5th item and is the final match of this year’s season in “The Last Chapter 2021” concept at Aquella Golf and Country Club, par 72, men 7,018 yards, women 6,179 yards, stroke play, 4 days, 72 holes, competing for a total prize pool of 5 million. baht, the champion receives 750,000 baht

Finished the second round, cut off at a total score of 3 under par 141, with a total of 63 golfers in this round, the leader changed hands to “Pro Tiger” Wichayapat Sinsang, a 24-year-old rookie from Nakhon Ratchasima. who entered this competition for the first time Started at hole 10 with a birdie before picking up 4 birdies from holes 14-15 and 17-18, finishing the first period with a score of 5 under, came around after making 4 more birdies from holes 1, 3, 4 and holes 9. Ended the round. This with a score of 9 under par 63, scored a total of 17 under par 127, leading up to singles.

Pro Tiger is vying for his first professional championship. revealed after the game that “Scoring well. No bogey at all considered very satisfactory which arises from giving himself the opportunity to score and hit the iron closer Most of them were from 2-3 yards away. This field is considered an opportunity for everyone to score. It depends on the shots of each person. admits that he’s excited enough to have the opportunity to be in the lead again After missing the closing match of the All Thailand Battle in Chiang Rai, I secretly hoped deeply. But anything can happen in golf. So try to be with yourself as much as possible.”

while “Nong TK” Ratchanon Chantananuwat The leading amateur golfer from the first round Scored an additional 7-under-par 65 from 6 birdies, 1 bogey and 1 eagle on hole 14, par 5 chip-in eagle from the green, totaling 16-under 128. Ranked 2nd by one stroke leader

By Nong TK, a 14-year-old golfer, one of the best performing amateur golfers on this year’s tour. said after the game that “It has to be divided into two parts: the first nine holes weren’t very good, the drives, the shots and the putts, probably due to our acceleration too much. because he only cares about scoring Let’s settle in the last 9 holes that can do better. and became more confident Especially after finishing the 14th hole at the chip in eagle. So it gives me more encouragement.”

On the side of “Prophet” Sodom Kaewkanchana Swing, 23, from Narathiwat. Collected more this round, added 8 under par 64, scored a total of two days, 15 under par 129, equal to Pro Phrom Mesawat, the owner of 2 champions of the Thailand Mix battle, 37 years old from Hua Hin, who added another 7 under par today. 65 ranks 3rd, joining the lead by 2 strokes, with “Pro Boom” Itthipat Buranathanarat, a 28-year-old golfer from Amnat Charoen, collecting this round for another 6 under par 66 with a total score of 13 under par 131, ranks 5th single

Pro Petch revealed, “Overall, it is considered to be of a good standard. Especially not losing bogies at all. This round hits close to several holes. Another good putt. and give yourself a lot of opportunities In this field, if the tee shot is good, the chances of scoring are high. But it has to depend on the wind conditions in the field as well because the field is next to the sea. The goal remains the same to score under the pitch every day.”

While Pro Phrom, who is trying to win the 3rd championship on this year’s tour, said, “The first game was a little tough, but I’m satisfied with my own performance. especially giving yourself a lot of opportunities But it cannot be underestimated. Especially at the long par 3 and par 4 holes at the 12th hole, you need to be extra careful.”

Chanoknan Angkoraseranee, a 17-year-old female golfer from Saraburi, is a female professional golfer with the best overall results. In this round, collect more 4 under par 68, score a total of 12 under par 132, equal to “Promo” Thayan Limpiphonpaiboon. Rising star golfer from Chiang Mai That this round made another 5 under par 67, while Chapchai Nirat, the owner of the championship together with Pro Phrom in the second field in Lamphun, ended this round with a total score of 8 under par 136, through to the finals.

On the side of Aphichaya Yubol, a young woman from Saraburi. The owner of the first field championship Black Mountain scored a total of 2 under par 142, did not pass the cut as well as Ramil Saelim, an amateur swinger from Phitsanulok, who won the 3rd course at Lakeview, who scored a total of 8 over par 152.

Golf fans can follow the live broadcast throughout the tournament via the AIS PLAY app, both on IOS and Android systems, as well as from TrustGolf’s FB and youtube channels, Thursday 30, starting from 09.00-15.00 and Friday. 31 starts in live broadcasting of the final race from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


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