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Proactive screening 400 workers, Seafood Processing Rong, Songkhla Province

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14 May 2021


A team of doctors set up an aggressive operation of the COVID 19 test, targeting foreign workers in a seafood processing factory in Chana District after 24 cases were found with another 400 randomized tests.

In front of the seafood processing factory Siam International Food Company Limited, Chana District, Songkhla Province, Songkhla Province Public Health Team Led by Dr. Supat Hasuwankit, Director of Chana Hospital, Songkhla Province

And medical personnel at Chana Hospital It has set up a screening point for COVID-19 after finding 24 people from the plant from 566 high-risk target groups, a new cluster that has spread in the area. .Songkhla

By this detection, the factory focused on bringing male and female migrant workers to be tested for infection. As per the target, proactive screening is scheduled today, another 400 of the company’s employees, including about 3,000 Thai and foreign workers.

However, it was previously stated whether the detection of infected persons inside the factory could be so severe that the factory had to be shut down to control the infection situation. Since it is also during the Hari Raya festival

Recently, Mr. Jaruwat Kleawkla, the governor of Songkhla, confirmed that the factory was not shut down But stressed that intensive worker screening and the highest level of protection was put in place, which was well coordinated by the factory.

In addition, when comparing the results of the COVID test that are at a low risk threshold, it is believed that the epidemic can be controlled in a limited range.

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