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Proactive screening CPF, Saraburi, 462 cases of COVID infection

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1 June 2021


Proactive screening of CPF Saraburi, 462 cases of coronavirus infection spread, dreading large cluster outbreaks

Saraburi Provincial Public Relations Office report Summary of people infected from the outbreak of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) chicken processing plant in Saraburi area.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the area of ​​chicken processing plant, Saraburi (CPF Thailand Public Company Limited), Saraburi Provincial Public Health Office. Has carried out a proactive examination of patients, which has a total of 5,850 employees, currently has a proactive examination of 5,695 people, the results of the examination are 3,337 and found 462 infected people, of which 293 are foreign workers. Number 169 people who were diagnosed with the infection. He was admitted to hospital in Saraburi, including: 1. Sanam Hospital at the Chet-Pongkonsao Scout Camp, Kaeng Khoi District, 2. Government hospitals in Saraburi Province. 3. Sanam Takud Hospital, Muang District, Saraburi Province

Measures that Saraburi has already taken Including the detection of infection in all employees, both inside the factory and outside the factory, coordinating with nearby provinces to monitor the group of employees in the provinces to closely monitor vulnerable people to monitor symptoms, detect infection and quarantine themselves at home. Including the assignment of the staff in the area to closely monitor the employees living in the area for ongoing measures. Is asking employees at risk that have not yet been tested for infection To be examined at a hospital near your home Including family or close people with infected To isolate himself Closely observe the symptoms And emphasize the prevention of disease measures, wear masks, wash your hands, keep your distance, and refrain from traveling to crowded places And strictly grouping

Saraburi Governor Manrat Rattanasukon said that the factory’s Bubble & Seal has been ongoing because it is a practice in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic. At this time, the factory asks for Seal itself first. As for the bubble, the province will coordinate the operation plan with the factory in accordance with the public health measures. In the event that the factory will be opened on June 4, this is a communicable disease in Saraburi Province. Will ask to see the measures of the company that it complies with the safety requirements. Of public health or not just how much For employees traveling to and from Saraburi province, now I have informed the destination province. Which each province Implemented the measures of each province, such as quarantine for employees of a chicken processing factory. Residents in the Saraburi Province have been ordered to detain their homes with the following volunteers and Saraburi Province. By the Red Cross, Saraburi Province And local government organizations in the area have already given consumer utensils to every family

“In this regard, we ask people in the Saraburi area to not be worried. And I would like to believe in the prevention and control measures in Saraburi Province continuously being implemented at this time. “

The origin Saraburi Provincial Public Relations Office


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